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Chestnut cake

The Villaverde conjures up a chestnut tart

The VILLAVERDE takes us deliciously into autumn and uses autumnal chestnuts with cranberries and cinnamon mascarpone

At the nuclear VillaVerde a holistic and skilful mixture of old and new is lived: What began with the villa built in 1908, extends over two modern new buildings to a host family consisting of Heidi and her three daughters, who run the hotel together.

Experience regional cuisine in Meran

The hostesses spoil their guests with a wide range of breakfasts, consisting of regional honey, home-made jams and baked goods made with spelled flour. A specialty, for example, is the spelled pancakes with mascarpone cream, which are served with fresh fruit. The hostesses reveal exactly this mascarpone cream in this recipe, because they used the cream (with the addition of cinnamon) for the chestnut tart:

Chestnut cake Villa Verde

Ingredients for the shortcrust pastry:

- 60 g butter

– 40 g powdered sugar

– 120 g spelled flour type 630

- 1 egg yolk

- Pinch of salt

– Legumes for blind baking

for the cinnamon cream:

– 200 grams of cream

– 0,5 tsp cinnamon

– 20 g sugar of your choice

– 100 grams of mascarpone

for the chestnut puree:

– 500 g of cooked chestnuts

– 150 g powdered sugar

- 2 tbsp rum

– 2 tbsp cream

In Addition:

– 200 g of lingonberry jam


1. For the shortcrust pastry, mix the butter, icing sugar, spelled flour, salt and egg yolk and quickly knead into a homogeneous dough. Shape into a ball and chill.

2. For the cinnamon cream, boil the cream with the powdered sugar and cinnamon, then set aside to cool. Then fold in the mascarpone and whip until stiff.

3. Mix all the ingredients for the chestnut puree and mix until creamy.

4. Roll out the shortcrust pastry and place in a mold and pull up an edge. Put the legumes on the dough and blind bake for about 15 minutes at 170 degrees.

5. Take out the legumes and let the dough cool down. Then with Fill with the cinnamon cream, then spread the cranberry jam on top and cover with the remaining cream.

6. Finally, fill the chestnut puree into a piping bag and decorate the tart with it or simply spread it evenly over the entire tart.


Now enjoy it and see you very soon in the VillaVerde.

Villa Verde in Italy
VillaVerde laid table
Apartment VillaVerde in new building
Villa Verde Apartment

Photos: Franziska Unterholzner (cake), VillaVerde


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