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Sushi maki

Chiemsee Maki and Manga Cookbook

14-year-old Valéry Bielmeier published a cookbook and tells us a regional sushi recipe: Chiemsee Maki. 

Valéry Bielmeier, son of the hosts of the holiday apartment Overseas21, came up with the idea of ​​publishing a cookbook! It quickly became clear to the parents, Sandra and Armin, that they wanted to support him. The project was therefore family-spanning and very exciting for everyone involved: There was a lot of cooking, discussion and writing of the texts (Valéry Bielmeier), the comics were drawn and the texts were corrected again and again (Armin Bielmeier), also photographed and laid out (Sandra Bielmeier) and to Finally, of course, cleaned the kitchen again and again (the parents). But it was worth it in any case - the Bielmeier family has the result on 70 pages totally happy - and so do we!

Chiemsee Maki
chiemsee Maki's photo

Even as a small boy, Valéry roamed the local herb garden with his parents, tasted, felt and smelled everything the biotope had to offer and always stood by his parents as a taster when cooking. Over time, he developed from having a sweet tooth to an eager assistant at the stove. With growing enthusiasm he snipped and helped his parents in the kitchen.

14-year-old Valéry now works independently in the kitchen and cooks entire menus (to the great delight of his parents). As an avid manga comic reader, he discovered sushi and started experimenting with it. As part of a year-long school project, Valéry decided to write a sushi cookbook.

To prepare, he worked as a chef in a restaurant kitchen, took part in a sushi seminar in an Asian company and completed an internship with a Chiemsee fisherman. Valéry did not study here but how moving around on a fishing boat, casting and hauling in nets, processing and filleting fish, but also also something es means at To start work at dawn and to take the boat out in all weathers and take responsibility. Analogue started to he is already working on his sushi cookbook. To add a special touch to the project miss, mixed he pursued his two passions and created a manga sushi cookbook.

As the book slowly enters the final phase reached Valéry got in touch with star chef Johann lafer, whose passion for cooking had inspired him for a long time, to get advice and blessings for his project from a professional. Mr. Lafer answered promptly, was enthusiastic about the idea and contributed his own sushi recipe.

Characterized by environmental concerns and regionality, which the Bielmeier family tries to implement in everyday life, and since sea fish are not sustainable due to overfishing and long transport routes, he also decided to offer recipes with the regional Chiemsee vendace. The book was a huge success when it was launched, with many orders coming in and the family still loving sushi.

Valery Bielmeier
Sushi Cookbook


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