Cookbook with recipes from the kitchens of Europe

Cooking, eating, sleeping - a triad that not only harmonizes wonderfully, but also belongs together for us at Good Travel. Because no holiday without tasty food and especially the kitchens of other countries, with their own flavors and typical ingredients, contribute significantly to a special holiday feeling.

1 euro per book goes to the Children's Happiness Foundationto support holiday sponsorships. These enable children to spend their holidays at lakes, in the mountains or at the sea.

A curated selection of delicious recipes and special food concepts

We asked the hosts of our sustainable accommodation about their favorite recipes. A compilation of the selected recipes can now be found in our cookbook "cook, eat, sleep". We take you on a journey of discovery through the kitchens of our hosts and show you how diverse European cuisine is. In addition, we present you with some food concepts in the book that stand for "good food" for us - from responsible consumption of meat and fish to the Slow Food movement, the farm-to-table principle to the Mediterranean diet, which is offered in the so-called Blue Zones. The recipes presented by our hosts are also based on these concepts.

Good Travel Intro Cookbook
Good Travel Cookbook
Good Travel Cookbook

Farm To Table

When vegetables are processed fresh straight from the field

comes on the plate, comes, enjoy

guests a meal after the farm-to-table

Principle. Not only guests can enjoy the freshness

taste wonderful, but they also know

exactly where the fruit and vegetables come from.

Because many hosts manage their own

Beds, gardens and arable land. According to the

Seasons and variety...

Farm to table