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Recipe for deer

Beetroot Flan on Pumpkin Cream

Chef Ingrid Mocatti takes us into her kitchen and prepares an autumnal treat for the palate

The inn Zum Hirschen is a historical retreat, a retreat in the South Tyrolean mountains to switch off, to recharge your batteries in nature, to consciously enjoy. The uniqueness of the house lies in the harmonious combination of ancient spiritual wisdom and a contemporary culture of comfort. A special experience for the guests is the family hospitality and the unique gastronomy at the junction of two cultures.

Upscale South Tyrolean cuisine with local dishes

The hotel cooks according to the Slow Food principle. Here, the approaches of Hildegard von Bingen and herbal pastor Weidinger are implemented. The ingredients come mainly from the surrounding area: organic cereals, organic flour, organic rye bread, dairy products, bacon and meat products, a range of cheeses, organic free-range eggs come from the farms in the village, from cooperatives in the valley and from Trentino-Alto Adige.

Beet Flan

Ingredients (for about 20 servings):

– 1 kg cooked beetroot

– 250 grams of mascarpone

- 5 eggs 

- 4 egg yolk

- Pepper

- Nutmeg

- Caraway seeds

– 50 g Trentingrana or Parmesan cheese Vecchio

for the pumpkin cream:

– 500 g Hokkaido pumpkin

- Onion

– clove of garlic

– rosemary

- Lorber

- Salt and pepper

- Olive oil

– 100 ml of fresh cream

– Trentingrana grated


Preparation of the beetroot flan:

Blend the beets cold. Add the remaining ingredients and stir well. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Grease aluminum or stainless steel oven dishes with butter or oil. Fill the form. Cook in a water bath at 160°C (top and bottom heat) for 20 minutes.

Preparation of the pumpkin cream:

Cut the pumpkin into pieces with the skin on. Wrap all the ingredients in aluminum foil and bake in the oven at around 200°C for 10-20 minutes (depending on the pumpkin). The pumpkin must be soft, then the shell can be easily removed. It is best to use a spoon for this. Puree the cleaned pumpkin with a blender, refine with a little cream and Trentingrana and heat over a low flame.

To serve:

Spread the cream on the plate, turn out the cooked flan and place on the cream. Garnish with grated Trentingrana and herbs to taste.


Go to the deer kitchen

The Hotel Zum Hirschen wishes you lots of fun cooking!

Drinks to deer
to the deer in spring

© Photos: René Gamper, Zum Hirschen


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