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The Tannerhof prepares a char fillet with asparagus for us

A summery creation by Nico, head chef from Tannerhof

Our chef Nico Sator has come up with a summery creation for you, which ensures that you bring a little Tannerhof gourmet pleasure into your own four walls: fresh char fillet with asparagus, caviar and dill. The nice thing: If you can't get enough of it, you can now visit us again and enjoy it on site!

Because we opened our doors on June 4th and we are happy to be your hiding place in the mountains again. Of course we have life on that Tannerhof the material moisture meter shows you the Hygiene regulations adapted and pay attention to a considerate coexistence.

Now we wish you a lot of fun preparing this delicious creation! Perfect as a light evening meal or as a starter for a multi-course menu for the long summer holidays!

Enjoy the meal!
The Tannerhof Restaurant is also open again for you!
The Tannerhof gourmet indulgence for at home

Ingredients for char fillet with asparagus (for 4 people):

  • 200 g char fillet (trimmed & deboned)
  • 150 g white asparagus
  • 1 bunch of dill
  • 50 ml rapeseed oil
  • 1 lemon (juice & zest)
  • Char caviar (if available, tastes good without)
  • Dill, fresh, plucked
  • Lemon
  • pepper


1. Cut off the white asparagus at the ends, peel and use the peel, water, salt and lemon juice to make a brew from half a lemon, bring to the boil and strain.

2. Then cook the asparagus in it until firm to the bite, quench in ice water and drain directly on kitchen paper, otherwise the asparagus will draw too much water.

3. Make an oil from the rapeseed oil and the dill. Mix both ingredients together and season with salt, pass through a strainer cloth and chill.

4. Portion the char fillet, then fry the asparagus as whole sticks in a pan without oil until it gets color, remove and season with salt, lemon zest and a little sugar, then cut diamond-shaped (diagonally).

5. Salt the char fillet well and fry it on the skin side in the same pan with a little oil, place the asparagus on plates in the middle, turn the char fillet and let it simmer on a low flame, then add the lemon zest. Arrange on the asparagus, decorate with the caviar, freshly plucked dill and green dill oil and serve.

We wish you a lot of fun cooking and if you enjoy fine wine with it: Cheers to us and think of us - that will resonate with us!

Warm from here!

- The entire Tannerhof-Team

The hut tower from the Tannerhof
View of the mountains from the Wiesenturm
Our sundeck with lots of green around it
Our Tannerhof has reopened for you since June 4th!


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