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Breathtaking travel destinations in Germany in the midst of nature

Often you don't associate anything exciting with a holiday at home. But there are also breathtaking ones in Germany To discover travel destinations that you might not even suspect here and where it will certainly not get boring. In this post we would like to introduce you to some of these adventurous places, which are located in the midst of the most beautiful natural landscapes and which are always worth a trip.

The Barefoot Park in Beelitz / Photo credits: Karsten Eichhorn, source: The Barefoot Park Beelitz-Heilstätten
The Barefoot Park in Beelitz / Photo credits: Karsten Eichhorn, source: The Barefoot Park Beelitz-Heilstätten

Walk along the green treetops and be barefoot again

If you want to treat your feet to a break, you are in Beelitz-Heilstätten barefoot park at the right address. At the gates of Berlin you can get very close to nature again on different themed trails and surfaces.

If you want, you can then equip the adjacent one Treetop path at dizzying heights a visit. Here you can breathe in the clear, fresh air of the historic climatic health resort while enjoying a breathtaking view of the surrounding tree tops and the ruins of the former health resort.

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The sea of ​​rocks in Hessen / Photo credits: Ludwig Bickel

A sea of ​​rocks for everyone who likes to climb or who would like to try it out

Families with children in particular will find an incredible adventure playground at the Felsenmeer in Lautertal in southern Hesse, in the midst of a beautiful natural backdrop. But everyone who likes to climb should also make a note of this excursion destination.

According to legend, a giant is said to be buried under the large rocks. You have no choice but to check whether this is really the case. In the adjoining Information center you can then read and learn more about the exciting history of the rock mountain. A wonderful destination for young and old!

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The old castle rock in Rhineland-Palatinate / Photo credits: Christian Rosenbaum

Admire a "canyon" on the French border

The Old Castle Rock belongs to one of the most beautiful natural monuments in Germany. On a ten-kilometer circular hiking trail, you can admire this pretty rock formation, which is definitely reminiscent of the famous "Antelope Canyons" in Arizona. After a sweaty hike, the red rock formation is just beautiful to look at, especially when bright rays of sun shimmer through it.

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The wine terraces around the Kaiserstuhl in the Black Forest / Photo credits: holgiverffekti via Pixabay

Enjoy really good wine surrounded by "rice terraces"

Wine connoisseurs and everyone who wants to become one will love the Kaiserstuhl in the Black Forest be thrilled. Because there, long-distance travelers sometimes feel reminded of the rice terraces of Asian countries when they look at the seemingly endless wine terraces. Numerous hiking and biking trails invite travelers to extensive explorations.

After so much activity, it is worth stopping at one of the numerous and hospitable wine cooperatives. Here you can take part in a wine tasting and get to know the different grape varieties of the region.

Good travel tip nearby: The listed Rainhof barn with a panoramic view of the Black Forest (distance 48 km).

Even more travel destinations and –Tips for sustainable travel in Germany, as always, you will find ours Articles in LÄNDERSPEZIAL DEUTSCHLAND


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