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change of scenery

There are numerous reasons why people travel. The lockdown has probably made many want a change of scenery - Time in nature or just see something new. From some trips you come back full of ideas for your own four walls.

Inspired by accommodations with a special interior charm

We have never spent so much time at home as since the pandemic. After the office moved into the home and the situation was accepted, it was cleared out, redesigned and repaired. The Americans call this “home improvement”. Why this has happened in so many households is probably because the corona lockdown leaves us a lot of time to think and there is no longer any annoying reason to postpone annoying everyday little things.

Perhaps the one or the other Zoom meeting that allowed a view into other people's homes led to questioning one's own apartment lifestyle: Do I really want to live the way I do now? What does my furnishing style say about me? Which furniture or belongings do I hardly use?

Next step: rearrange, redesign.

All well and good, but the desire to travel does not dissipate it. Fortunately, if more and more relaxation is allowed soon, we'll be able to grab a backpack and travel bag again and go on tour. Hotel websites can already be visited and trips booked.

An important clue for the booking decision is the interior and the history surrounding the accommodation. When traveling you can be on time and very consciously for a different furnishing style decide, get to know new materials and colors and meet people who have exciting stories to tell.

Living differently for once brings a breath of fresh air, new thoughts and inspiration. Who knows, maybe you like the cozy reading corner, the comfortable couch or the practical cupboard system so much that you want to build something similar at home. Then the holiday moves in at home, with fond memories of a good, relaxed time.

Friz BnB, Germany

The Friz BnB also convinces with a great interior concept
Get inspiration from the furnishing of accommodation: Friz BnB

The Good travel accommodations are listed with different furnishing styles: from super modern and puristic to country house style or a mix of vintage and self-made furniture. They all have one thing in common: sustainability is a matter of the heart for these accommodations. From the furniture to the wall colors to the fabrics.

Meisterzimmer in Leipzig, Germany

Industrial architecture meets individuality. The Apartment master room is located on the site of a former cotton mill. Large factory windows, high walls, cozy niches and restored furniture from earlier production create a very special atmosphere.

Photo credits: Nick Putzmann

In the holiday apartment Meisterzimmer in Leipzig ...
... individuality meets industrial architecture
The furnishing style of the master's room is special

Ramenai in Ulrichsberg, Austria

Spend the night in your own hut in the middle of the forest, that's in the ramenai possible in the Mühlviertel Bohemian Forest. The furnishing of the huts is mostly made of wood and was deliberately kept simple and natural. A panorama sauna and numerous excursion and sports options round off the offer.

Also the interior design of the Ramenai
Lots of wood and atmospheric lights in the Ramenai

Living differently for once brings a breath of fresh air, new thoughts and inspiration. Who knows, maybe you like the cozy reading corner, the comfortable couch or the practical cupboard system so much that you want to install something similar at home. Then the holiday at home moves in, with beautiful memories of a good, relaxed time ...

... more interior inspiration

In addition to the master's room and Ramenai, there are many other accommodations with special furnishing ideas. Here is a small selection:

VillaVerde, Italy

The VillaVerde in South Tyrol
The architecture of VillaVerde combines elements of the old villa with the new building
VillaVerde uses a lot of local wood

Buena Vista, Lanzarote

Find inspiration while traveling, like here at the Buenavista
Sometimes less is more - also at Buenavista
A special style of furnishing awaits you in the Buenavista

Ad Austrum, France

Creative and beautiful: The Ad Austrum
There is plenty of antique furniture in the Ad Austrum

This text first appeared in the enormous issue 03/2020

Cécile is a freelance author and sustainability strategist. She enjoys traveling to the fullest: getting to know different cultures, listening to other languages ​​and discovering new things either by the sea or in a (big) city always fascinates her. The stories and intentions of the Good Travel hosts are particularly important to her.


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