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Three questions for the creators of the “Schöne Corners” podcast

I speak to Cornelis Kater and Sven Sedivy, the makers of the Beautiful corners podcasts. What was once launched as an architecture podcast by Cornelis has now developed into a podcast of a special kind: listeners are invited to create images in their heads through what is said and above all through the many lovingly recorded noises. Because Cornelis, Sven and the third in the group, Helge Kletti (particularly in the "early work" of the first 120 episodes), are very concerned that what they hear feels as alive as possible.

The makers behind Schöne Ecken embark on a search for the true, beautiful, worth living and good in the places they travel around the world. In more than 100 episodes, they mainly address the question: How does the place you visit sound like? This can be sustainable accommodation or a city backdrop. There are no limits to the imagination of what is heard and should encourage the listener to relax and listen curiously at the same time, and yes, who knows, an acoustic journey may be followed by a real one.

Cornelis Kater from Beautiful Corners
Cornelis Kater from Beautiful Corners
Sven Sedivy from Beautiful Corners
Sven Sedivy from Schöne Ecken Podcast

Cornelis Kater (2 photos above and Sven Sedivy 2 photos below)


Sven: I actually wanted to start a podcast with a similar concept, the focus should be on the sounds of nature. When Cornelis and I met at a conference, I was accepted into the project first as a permanent guest and then as the third main character. For me it is the motivation to look at places from a different perspective - to look closely and, above all, to hear. Some people have dogs or hobbies like geocaching to "get out," for me it's our podcast.

Cornelius: Schöne Ecken started as an architecture podcast in urban space, with travel hardly being the focus at first. But the concept of telling our world as a “radio play” with all its noises and the dialogue of the podcasters does. From day one, the podcast was designed to create images in the mind and thus as a virtual journey with all its associations, personal memories and emotions. The advantage of audio is that it is not concrete and stimulates the imagination. Just virtual journeys in the heads of the listeners.


Sven: First of all, all people should never think that what they do is too small or makes no difference. As long as it really comes from the heart and the will is honest, it's the right motivation. If we all start small and then keep building up, eventually it will become big enough.

Cornelius: "Beautiful Corners” goes to places that are worth seeing, but where there are often enough points of friction. We talk a lot about what needs to be preserved and what makes life (more) worth living. In doing so, we try to take a constructive, optimistic point of view and regularly experience that every place has its own surprising beauty. The world is a much better place than the media portrayal would have us believe. If each of us “twists” our perception just a little in this way, fears and prejudices disappear and ideas and a willingness to change gain.


Sven: Traveling is one of the most noticeable friction points for sustainability in my life. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, a structured everyday life where it's easier to establish sustainable routines. Many things are new and unpredictable when traveling. What do I take with me? What do I buy on site? How do I get there? Where and how do I live? What am I leaving? All of these questions are important. Many certainly cannot yet be answered 100% satisfactorily - awareness is the first step.

Cornelius: Traveling is a privilege not available to everyone in the same form as us. That's why we travel very consciously with "Schöne Ecken", yes, we travel more than once: when recording the episode, when cutting, researching and publishing the episodes again and much more often with our listeners. This creates connections with the places and very intense experiences. In doing so, we also share our steps to change our own travel behavior: Traveling by train, sustainable accommodation, e-bikes and e-cars are topics that we reflect openly and self-critically and are aware of, more and more, a new form of travel experience and show what is possible.

In their latest podcast episode, Cornelis and Sven visit the Bühelwirt in Ahrntal in South Tyrol. You can listen to what the place of power in the mountains sounds like to you here.

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Photos: Unsplash / Javier Eesteban, Harry Cunningham, Nice Corners

Cécile is a freelance author and sustainability strategist. She enjoys traveling to the fullest: getting to know different cultures, listening to other languages ​​and discovering new things either by the sea or in a (big) city always fascinates her. The stories and intentions of the Good Travel hosts are particularly important to her.


  • Ruth S

    I totally agree with everything said in this interview. Imagination while listening, wanting to answer questions and lots of pictures, not just in my head and the thought, I would also like to see, experience, hear and be there. I look forward to every episode 👌


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