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Podcasts during long travel times

Three podcasts that sweeten your travel time

Whether on a ferry crossing, a long bus ride or to Falling asleep on (night) trains - during mine Stay in Southeast Asia I totally discovered listening to the podcast for myself. I have developed a real passion for them, because they are a great activity during the sometimes very long travel times. And at the same time a good alternative for all those who find it difficult to read or watch films on buses and boats without getting motion sick.

Where should you start in the vast podcast landscape?

If you look at the wide podcast landscape, choosing the right podcast is not easy. For a long time, this crowd deterred me from even starting. Until now. For almost six months now, I've been listening to myself through various podcasts and letting the landscape pass by from the train window next to me. That relaxes incredibly. For me there is currently nothing better!

Therefore, I would like to introduce you to three of my favorite podcasts in this post. They have sweetened my time traveling in the past six months and will hopefully improve your travel times in the future too.

1. "Hotel Matze": Probably the most relaxed interview podcast

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At the interview podcast "Hotel Matze" you can hear inspiring and profound conversations between Matze Hielscher and his guests. Matze Hielscher is the maker of “With Pleasure” and probably has the most relaxed voice that you can really listen to all day. His interview is incredibly personable and it almost feels like you're sitting at the table with him and the guests. He regularly invites guests to tell about their very own story, their successes and failures. Matze finds out what drives them, what they laugh about and what their everyday life looks like.

He meets big and small artists and people who have dared to implement and realize their ideas. Many guests advocate more sustainability: from the managing director of Flixbus to the owner of a packaging-free shop in Berlin and the founder of vegan condoms to a former "Germanys Next Topmodel" candidate who is now committed to fair fashion. Matze also talks to the great artists of our time such as the actors Jürgen Vogel, Tom Schilling and Lars Eidinger. They were also guests at Hotel Matze and it is worth listening to one of the 62 or so interview episodes!

You can find more information about the podcast here

2. “Finally Om”: For all late bloomers when it comes to sustainability

At the podcast "Finally Om" Stefanie Luxat deals with topics such as sustainability, healthy eating and self-love. True to the motto “better late than never”, Stefanie Luxat shows very sympathetically that it is not a problem if you want to do something in that direction, but at the same time you are overwhelmed and do not know where to start. She takes the listener on her own journey and meets the people who have helped her address these issues. Simple tricks are revealed that really everyone can integrate into their everyday lives. Very easily. The nice thing about Stefanie: she never comes across as instructive, but often approaches things with a sense of humor.

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Your laugh is contagious and the interview was really successful. It asks exactly the questions that are also of burning interest to you as a listener. This podcast, which currently has around 14 episodes, is for everyone who thinks: "Ah crap, I should actually have to do something in that direction, but where do I start?"

You can find more information about the podcast here

3. "One hundred": cinema for the ears

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At the podcast "One hundred" Deutschlandfunk Nova tells stories like a film. A real cinema for the ears that sometimes make you laugh. Others touch you, even make you cry. In 100 minutes, people tell something moving about themselves. In doing so, they often initiate their own train of thought and sometimes also make you think. There are podcast episodes for almost every topic: You can listen to stories from the "nice" Internet, get to know big and small personalities, reflect on strong feelings and listen to exciting fates, straight from life.

There is sure to be the right episode for every mood here. Stories - ideal for waking up, falling asleep and of course also for in between!

You can find more information about the podcast here

Lisa helped set up the Good Travel Blog and will write for us as a freelance author in the future. She is passionate about traveling and dancing around the world with a small ecological footprint.


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