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Family trip to Norway with Fjordkind Travel

Anna Hollensteiner and Corinna Windisch from Fjordkind Travel

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Fjordkind-Reisen offers individual trips for families to Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

When creating the trip, Fjordkind-Reisen takes into account every family constellation and individual wishes. Customers receive a complete and tailor-made travel package from a single source. Fjordkind will pre-book travel, accommodation and excursions if required. Before departure, all families receive a travel folder with maps, a detailed description of the trip and a few small surprises.

The booked accommodations are handpicked and family-friendly, and the founders know the businesses personally. They like to rely on family-run accommodations that work sustainably and where customers come into contact with the country and its people.

So that the world is left behind for our children and grandchildren in such a way that they can also travel and get to know other cultures, sustainability is important for Fjordkind trips and not just an empty phrase. They offer some walking and cycling tours that allow customers to explore the beautiful Nordic landscapes without a car. Many journeys can also be made in an environmentally friendly way by train and ferry. When selecting their partner agencies, they make sure that they treat our environment sustainably. 


The two founders take us on their journey to "Fjordkind-Reisen" and answer three questions...

Anna Hollensteiner and Corinna Windisch are the founders of Fjordkind Travel. They met about 20 years ago while studying Scandinavian Studies in Berlin and still share an interest in the Nordic countries today.

The Fjordkind Travel team
Corinna Windisch & Anna Hollensteiner

1.   What was or is your motivation behind “Fjordkind-Reisen”?

Since we know from our own experience how exhausting and tedious the search for a suitable travel destination, the right accommodation and communication with the providers can be on the Internet, we offer a tour operator for family trips with Fjordkind-Reisen Scandinavia with selected, individual and above all family-friendly trips.

We want our customers to have a carefree holiday. Due to our strong specialization, we can really advise very specifically, we know the countries and our partners all very well and personally. We also travel a lot and often to the north with our children and also send our team on trips to the north so that everyone can get the right advice. A high level of customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Family trip to Iceland with Fjordkind Travel

2. What do you advise our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

We work with the Wilderness International together and donate an amount of 20 euros for each trip booked in order to protect forests permanently. In our offers, we explain why we are going this route and then proactively ask our customers when they make a booking whether they would also like to donate. It is voluntary, but many customers donate and so together we have already acquired a forest area of ​​almost 15.000 square meters. We also keep abreast of the development of e-mobility in Scandinavia, new train connections and the further development of low-emission ferry connections and advise on this.

Family trip to Scandinavia with Fjordkind-Reisen

3. How do travel and sustainability go together for you?

All countries to which we offer trips are easily accessible by ferry and car. The night train connections are also getting better and better. The CO2 emissions are therefore significantly lower than with air travel. Unfortunately, Iceland has been a bit more difficult so far. There is a ferry, but the crossing takes a long time. We encourage families to choose these itineraries. Basically, the Nordic countries have come a long way when it comes to sustainability, including tourism. The preservation of nature and the careful use of resources are valuable assets in Scandinavia.

We also create our family trips according to the Slow Travel concept. This means that you take more time in individual places for a more intensive holiday experience and more environmentally friendly travel. On our Scandinavia round trips, we attach great importance to having a lot of time per station. In this way we enable our customers to get to know the country and its people better through longer stays.

Sustainable Scandinavia vacation with children at Fjordkind-Reisen
Sustainable family holidays with Fjordkind-Reisen

© Photos: Fjordkind Travel

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