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Five places in the far north of Europe

The countries in the far north of Europe do not only have a special magic in the colder, wintry months. While it is in Winter In many places you can marvel at the breathtaking northern lights and snow-covered natural landscapes, there is also in the Summer to discover incredibly beautiful natural spectacles. For example, when the sun only sets briefly or not at all during the midsummer nights. Then a large part of life takes place outside and you are only too happy to be consumed by the Scandinavian joie de vivre. Countries in Scandinavia such as Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland are a great year-round travel destination that is well worth exploring. Here we introduce you to five sustainable places where you can spend a wonderful Scandinavian vacation.

Travel to other European countries is currently possible, mostly in accordance with 3G requirements (as of December 10.12.2021, XNUMX). Due to the dynamic location, we recommend that you check out the to inform about current entry regulations in your desired travel destination.

1. Slow Travel, Ski Yoga and Northern Lights in “Skeið Vist” in North Iceland

Behind the Icelandic name "Skeið", pronounced "Skayth", there is an eco-lodge in a dreamlike secluded location. At the end of a beautiful valley, the Svarfaðardalur, on Tröllaskagi, the Troll Peninsula of Northern Iceland, you can spend a minimalist holiday where sustainability comes first.

In addition to five hotel rooms, a small holiday apartment with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a spacious kitchen-cum-living room, there is also group accommodation with a total of 14 beds and three rooms. In the latter there is also a small sauna, which guests can use free of charge during their stay and is a pleasant retreat, especially in the colder months.

Enjoy the breathtaking nature of Iceland with a variety of activities all year round

A huge range of outdoor activities ensures that you can consciously experience the wonderfully beautiful nature of Iceland all year round. From swimming in the mountain lake, surfing, diving and kayaking in summer to mountain biking, forest bathing and (ice) climbing in autumn to ski yoga, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in winter, there is something for everyone here. Depending on the season, you can also collect mushrooms, herbs and berries and prepare them in your own kitchen or in your shared kitchen.

During the ski season, from the beginning of February to mid-May, you can not only marvel at the unique northern lights, but also enjoy good Icelandic cuisine. Because then the accommodation regularly offers half or full board. By arrangement, this is also possible outside of the season. You should definitely try the Icelandic crêpes called “pönnukökur”, which are served with homemade rhubarb jam and blueberry or crowberry jam. 

Discover the incredible beautiful nature of Iceland
Skeid Vist in North Iceland

Double rooms from 95 euros per night.

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2. Authentic nature vacation in the traditional Icelandic wooden house "Black House"

Namesake of the "Black house“Is the black wood with which the wooden house was built. This old construction goes back to the 18th and 19th centuries, which is not often found in Iceland today. In this way, the hosts are reviving the traditional construction method inside. The black wooden house is idyllically situated in the middle of a preserved birch forest, where there are still remains from the time of the settlers: inside.

From the holiday home there is a breathtaking view of the Borgarfjörður fjord with its wading birds, the mountains and glaciers of the Snæfellsnes peninsula and the Hafnarfjall mountain. Furthermore, from here you have the ideal starting point to explore the sights of the western region of Iceland. The town of Borgarnes offers shopping and other shops and is five kilometers from the house. In the welcome letter that you receive on arrival, you can also find the hosts' favorite restaurant and shop recommendations.

A house in which you can feel comfortable even in bad weather

In the "Black House" itself, the guests experience one thing above all else: seclusion and incomparable tranquility. The harmonious interior design (the hostess is the interior designer) exudes a special cosiness and warmth, so that you can feel completely at home here even in bad weather.


The old construction of these houses is rarely seen in Iceland

Feel good all around in the Black House

Entire house from 295 euros per night.

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3. Watch a never-ending sunset at Stokkøya Beach Hotel in Norway

On a Norwegian island in the middle of the northern Atlantic is the "Stokkøya Beach Motel". Here you can choose between a wide range of accommodation options - from cheap campsites to multi-bed rooms to fancy SUB houses. The motel is located in a sheltered bay and from each accommodation guests can enjoy a wonderful view of the white sandy beach and the blue sea.

From May to July the midnight sun bathes the sky in a deep orange-red

If you can't get enough of this view, you should plan your vacation from May to July, when the midnight sun bathes large parts of the country in a deep orange-red. Then you can enjoy many hours of sunshine on Støkkaya in addition to the never-ending sunset. Then on the longest days of the year the sun shines until well after 22 p.m. The view is best enjoyed from the hotel's own beach bar, which is located directly on the long sandy beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

Fresh fish dishes are served here every day in the summer season. The house specialty is the delicious mussels, for which the beach bar is known far beyond the island. In addition to fish and seafood, there is also a vegetarian, vegan main course every day, so that every guest gets a taste for it.

Plenty of accommodation options at the Stokkoya Beach Motel
Find stylish accommodation in the SUB houses

Cottage from 145 euros per night

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4. Feel good and pampering in Swedish in the loft tower of "Bergaliv"

The "Mountain life“Is located in the middle of the treetops, only a few kilometers from the Swedish village of Vallsta. In the loft tower you can feel completely secure, like an eagle in the nest. The large window fronts allow a magical view of one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Sweden. The reduced, Japanese-inspired furnishing style ensures that you can concentrate on the essentials again.

Start the day relaxed when breakfast is delivered to the Loft Tower

Here you start the day relaxed. You don't even have to leave the turret for breakfast, because the employees of the “Bergaliv” bring the organic breakfast straight to the turret every day. You can start the day comfortably with bread with jam or cheese, yogurt and various berries and fruits as well as juices and tea or coffee.

It goes on relaxed when you visit the nearby "Orbaden Spa Resort". A visit to the wellness oasis is included in the room rate. In addition to the pool and sauna, there are all kinds of massage offers as well as yoga and many other wellness therapies.

The Bergaliv loft tower
Enjoy great views from the loft tower
Feel secure like an eagle in the nest

Entire house from 250 euros per night.

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5. Spend a typical Finnish cottage holiday at the Hawkhill Resort

There is also pure deceleration to enjoy in the wooden cottages of the “Hawkhill Resort”. Surrounded by the Nuuksio National Park and located directly on the lake, you can spend a typical Finnish cottage holiday in a class of its own. The luxuriously furnished holiday homes can accommodate up to 10 people, so it makes sense to travel together with your dearest friends.

Together you can then set out to enjoy the wonderful nature. A variety of activities are offered all year round, for example there are guided (snowshoe) hikes, canoe trips, yoga courses, riding tours as well as SUP and bike tours that bring you closer to nature.

Review the day in your own cottage sauna

To top it off, you can review the day with an evening sauna - because, as it should be in Finland, every cottage has its own sauna. If you have finally got hungry from all the activities, you can choose to cater for yourself in the spacious, fully equipped kitchens or let yourself be pampered with Finnish specialties as part of half or full board.

The Hawkhill is covered in magical snow in winter
Warm up in the private sauna

Cottage from 145 euros per night

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