Three podcasts that make you want to travel

Travel podcasts that we recommend

Because our last blog post with podcast recommendations one of the most popular posts in 2019, we would like to recommend some podcasts to you again in this post. This time it's about podcasts that really make you want to travel. They all combine exciting travel stories, tell of anecdotes that can only be experienced on the way and give practical tips on the way. Have fun discovering these three travel podcasts!

1. World tour - the travel podcast

The world tour travel podcast

30 days annual vacation, a small budget and a heart full of adventure - with this concept and lots of good humor, two friends run their own travel podcast. In times of conference calls, 24/7, a crashing work-life balance and constant media flickering, you are usually looking for great adventures in vain. So what to do when the brain spasms and wanderlust weighs on the soul? Pack suitcase! To buy a ticket! Breaking out! For Christoph Streicher, who calls Barcelona his home, and Adrian Klie, who lives in Hamburg, the only effective medicine. The friends have already toured over 100 countries together.

The night train as the best means of travel

Declared goal: to see the whole world with your own eyes. That this endeavor becomes much more difficult in times of flightshaming and climate protection if you wants to travel sustainablyis also aware of the two boys. Again and again they travel the whole country easy and simple with the night train. On the one hand, this not only saves the travel budget, because you save a lot of travel time in addition to the overnight stay. Above all, it is kind to the environment.

Staying fair is also the motto when traveling

"If you don't want to miss out on exploring our beautiful earth despite your green attitude, you should at least do your best to travel fairly and sustainably," say the two podcasters. It starts with the smart booking of flights - some airlines and organizations offer the possibility of to compensate for its CO2 consumption - and ends with supporting local producers and retailers on site instead of looking for souvenirs and bargains in large supermarkets or department stores.

Less is more - when traveling with hand luggage only

“If anything, buy locally. Nothing against shopping per se, but hand on heart: Most of the time you don't need the things at all. Far too much hassle and clutter ends up in travelers' holiday suitcases every day and when you get home you often no longer know why you actually bought the waving Buddha or the hideous fridge magnet ", say the two friends, who have little space in the suitcase anyway because they only travel with hand luggage. Less space and less weight add up quickly.

The boys from the world tour in the Albanian Alps (Photo credits: Klie Streicher)

Stay away from well-known foods and drinks

Culinary can also be sustainable. Anyone who sits in a bustling Asian night market or in a small pub in deepest Kosovo, absorbs the scenery and lets go of all thoughts of home, should also get involved in the culinary delights of the country. “Stay away from the well-known Budweiser or Becks and definitely try a regional beer instead. Even if you go wrong with a meal or a drink, you have experienced more than the tourist with a McDonalds bag or Starbucks coffee next to you ”.

Stuffy or cool? The insider tip for sustainable travel

The two travel professionals have one last insider tip, which may sound stuffy, but in the end brings a lot: "Why wander far away when the good is so close". The travel podcast is often about how great Europe is to travel and how much there is to experience here. Whether by car, train or bus - explore Europe. “Take a look at Germany's most beautiful corners and, by the way, protect the environment. Our homeland Germany in particular has gone from being a somewhat uncool emergency nail to a much sought-after travel destination in recent years. Anyone who has ever tried to get a vacation home on the North or Baltic Sea in the summer knows exactly what we are talking about. Of course, Bali is absolutely beautiful and picturesque, but anyone who has never been to Leipzig or the Moselle has definitely missed something ”.

The two podcasters keep mentioning that everyone can make a big contribution with just small measures. "Tell your friends and relatives about sustainable travel, don't wander too far into the distance when planning your trip and, even in the stressful everyday life, think about whether you can simplify your household or consume less - then it will also work with sustainable travel".

World tour: The travel podcast is available on all common platforms

The boys travel varied, inexpensive and adventurous. They have packed their adventurous, wildly romantic and sometimes completely crazy travel experiences into bite-sized pieces: In the 25-minute episodes, the two ponder their travel stories. The humorous and self-deprecating way of reporting on travel is well received by the listeners. At the same time Adrian and Christoph continue to work in their full-time jobs for the necessary vacation funds. After all, 30 days of vacation are more than enough to gradually see the whole world - you just have to know how.

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2. What do you mean by the climate crisis, Spatzl? among other things with consequence on the topic of sustainable travel

The actress Dagny Dewath answers the small and big questions of the climate crisis in her new podcast “How do you mean the climate crisis, Spatzl?”. In her interview podcast, she meets lone fighters, entrepreneurs, scientists, institutions, associations and other people who are already actively living the change and rethinking in some form. Together with them, she searches for answers in the current climate debate and thus provides informative, meaningful and inspiring content. Admittedly, the podcast is not a classic travel podcast, but it is still worth listening to.

How do you mean climate crisis, Spatzl? Podcast (Photo Credits: Alan Ovaska)

Good Travel in episode 4 on the podcast

Because in episode 4 of the interview podcast is Franziska Diallo, one of the two founders of Good travel to guest. They talk about how Good Travel came about, according to which selection criteria the accommodations are selected and what constitutes sustainable travel.

The actress Dagny Dewath answers the big and small questions of the climate crisis in her podcast (Photo credits: Alan Ovaska)

In addition, in the fourth episode they talk about the deeper meaning of travel and why it does not make sense to completely forego travel from now on, but how we can also be supportive with travel. A conversation that calls for rethinking and at the same time makes you want to travel. Have fun listening!

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3. GATE7: travel podcast about wanderlust and photography

The Gate 7 Podcast

The travel podcast GATE7 by journalist Kai Behrmann combines creative travel with photography. For him, photography in unfamiliar surroundings is a door opener. It is the “ticket” to a new world - and a pretext to get in touch with people. In the podcast you not only learn how to immerse yourself in foreign cultures and get to know the country and its people better, but also how to take good travel pictures - regardless of which camera you use. From practical tips for better landscape photos to special places in this world where you can take wonderful pictures to exciting travel stories.

Travel sensibly, take emotional photos

The interview podcast GATE7 is a mixture of storytelling and photography, which should make you want to experience the world more consciously and intensely with the camera. In his podcast, Kai Behrmann interviews people who turn their trips into experiences beyond their own comfort zone.

Kai Behrmann from the GATE7 travel podcast

For example, Kai Behrmann meets interesting people like Maximilian Semsch in his podcast and talks to him about how it came about that the former globetrotter is now an enthusiastic explorer of Germany. We also recommend the episode about Costa Rica, which has not only been a pioneer in terms of sustainable tourism for a long time, but is also a real paradise for wildlife and nature photographers.

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