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Opener architecture sustainability criterion

Our icon: "Architecture"

Holiday homes, BnBs and hotels that are listed on Good Travel must meet at least one of our sustainability criteria. This is how our criteria draw "Social" and "Environment" for example, special social and ecological commitment. Houses with the "Well-Being"-Icon support mindful and decelerating processes. The "Food"-Icon identifies hosts who cook sustainably and purchase products from their own cultivation, from neighboring companies or from the region.

And finally there are houses that stand out due to the sustainable construction method and are thus characterized. This is exactly what we are talking about today in our last part of the presentation of our sustainability criteria.

Sustainable architecture – what exactly does that mean?

In sustainable building, you usually pay attention to the basic idea of ​​sustainability with its three levels. The ecological, economic and social levels that interact with one another are taken into account.

The ecological level typically refers to the careful use of resources and building materials as well as the conscious consumption of energy, electricity, etc. in order to relieve and protect the environment. Economic means that attention is paid to the costs incurred and that it remains affordable. After all, the social level includes benefits for people and society. In addition to design aspects, health protection also plays an important role here.

The Good Travel Criterion "Architecture"

Under the “architecture” criterion, you will discover a large number of accommodations with sustainable construction on Good Travel. This could be the innovative tree hotel, for example, or the typical Swedish hut with a solar roof. The accommodations are characterized by an architecture that fits into the region. During construction and furnishing, care was taken to use local, certified and low-pollutant materials. In addition, the hosts involved the local population in the construction and preferred to engage neighboring craft businesses.

Sustainable architecture

If a property has to be restored, care is taken to preserve old structures or to protect architectural and cultural monuments. This also applies to the interior design. Upcycling, for example, gives old furniture a second life. After all, the hosts make sure to save energy. Some have installed photovoltaic systems for this purpose, improved thermal insulation or even built entire passive houses.

Experience sustainable architecture

Whether traditional hut or innovative concepts, on Good Travel you will find a variety of accommodations with sustainable construction. Perhaps you will also find direct suggestions and inspiration for building your own house or learn how you can save resources yourself at home.

You will find all Good Travel accommodations that have been awarded the "Architecture" icon here.


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