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Our sustainability criteria: "Social"

Now that you know how you are going on your next trip travel sustainably we would like to introduce you to the Good Travel sustainability criteria step by step. Because all of our featured accommodations Good travel and on the blog must meet at least one of these criteria.

It starts with our criterion "Social". As the name suggests, the focus here is on social aspects. 

But what does social sustainability actually mean?

By and large, the great goal is to fight poverty. Social sustainability should secure the basic needs of everyone. In addition, health should be guaranteed and access to education should be made possible. It can be said that the starting conditions and opportunities are the same for everyone in the world.

If the working conditions in the company are good and fair wages are paid, then a company is also socially sustainable. Discrimination of any kind must of course not take place. Rather, equality is promoted.

Ultimately, social sustainability should also protect and promote local traditions and cultures. This ensures that future generations will also benefit from it.

The Good Travel criterion "Social"

Social sustainability also plays a major role in our accommodations. This is implemented in many areas.

For example, the employees prefer to come from the region. You will in it good working conditions guaranteed and fair wages paid. If they wish, they can also take part in training programs.


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Of course finds no discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, age or other type. Local traditions and cultures are taken into account and supported by our accommodations.

You will often find accommodations at Good Travel that are run by the owner himself or by a family for several generations. They support you again and again social projects. This could be schools, hospitals, charities, or the local community itself.

In Local economy is also supported by the accommodation by including local service providers in processes.

Support socially acceptable accommodation

As a consumer, you have great power with your purchasing decisions. By looking for accommodations that deal with social sustainability, they automatically support them. You can find all accommodations whose operators are socially committed at Good travel.


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