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Well-being at La Subida

Our Icon: "Well Being"

People who are mindful of the world's resources are usually also mindful of themselves. Therefore, it was important to us, in addition to the typical criteria "Environment","Social"And"Food“Also to develop a criterion for exactly what is dedicated to this topic. This post is all about mindfulness with yourself and why it is important (and sustainable) to be careful with yourself.

Mindfulness as an effective remedy for stress

In hectic everyday life, which is usually full of appointments, it is easy to forget to consciously take time for yourself. You are always brooding over the past or the upcoming, your thoughts wander and you consider what still needs to be done. We are seldom mindful of the here and now, but rather are occupied with brooding. We take care of everything and everyone and forget to take care of ourselves. This can lead to the fact that you often feel stressed when you go on vacation. On vacation, we say to ourselves, we finally take some time for ourselves again. It is therefore not surprising that the longing for rest and relaxation the Is the ultimate motivation for travel.

It is so important to implement mindfulness in your everyday life, because it has proven to be an effective remedy for stress. People who live mindfully are generally more satisfied and treat their fellow human beings and their environment just as carefully. A deep breath can be enough to bring yourself into the now. Exercises in which one is consciously aware of how something feels or how something tastes are also helpful for practicing mindfulness.

The Good Travel Criterion "Well Being"

Accommodations that are marked with the "Well-Being" icon promote mindfulness and should help to relax the body and soul. On the one hand, this can be achieved through massages and holistic applications. Care is taken to ensure that natural cosmetic products are used. On the other hand, guests can attend courses that consciously contribute to slowing down and promote mindfulness. This includes meditations, stress management, yoga and Qi Gong courses, as well as other physical and mental exercises.

Well Being Icon

Some accommodations offer Ayurveda cures, therapeutic fasting, detox cures and TCM. The accommodations are also awarded the "Well-Being" icon if they have a sauna and a relaxation or retreat area or indoor or outdoor pools. All in all, the accommodations contribute to well-being for body and soul.

In these accommodations you can do one thing above all: feel good all around. The applications and exercises show the guests how they can implement mindfulness in their everyday lives. So that we will all treat ourselves more carefully and carefully in the future. You can find all "Well-Being" accommodations at Good travel.


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