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Eating out at Ballymaloe

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In this article we would like to introduce you to our second of five sustainability criteria, because all of our Good Travel accommodations must meet at least one of our sustainability criteria. In the first part we already have you the importance of the social togetherness described. Today, fitting for the time between the holidays, it's about food. Today we would like to try to explain to you why this can be an important contribution to sustainability.

Sustainable food - what is that?

When it comes to sustainable food, many people first think of labels like BIO or Fairtrade. Such labels assure the consumer that the food meets certain standards and are intended to create trust. That's a good approach. Unfortunately, there are now so many labels that you often don't even know what the label stands for. Portals like Label online can help you as a consumer if you don't know what to do next in the label jungle,.

But food is not only sustainable if it has labels. It is also good if the food does not have to travel long distances. If the products are sourced from the region or neighboring farms and do not have to be delivered by plane, a lot of CO2 is saved.

After all, it is sustainable if you use food in a way that conserves resources. That means, you only buy what you can really use. If possible, unnecessary plastic packaging and heavily processed foods, such as ready-made meals, are avoided when shopping.


The Good Travel criterion "Food"

In our accommodations, too, fair food plays a major role in the excellent accommodations. Here, too, the focus is on freshness when cooking and careful preparation is ensured.

Our accommodations serve regional dishes and use food from our own farm, organic farming or from neighboring, small-scale farms. Products that have to come from further afield were fairly traded.

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Last but not least, the chefs cater to individual dietary requirements in order to guarantee the culinary well-being of every guest.

Come on a culinary expedition

Let yourself be surprised by the culinary specialties of your travel destination on your next vacation. Because it is worth getting to know the typical delicacies in a region. At the same time, it is also an important contribution to the environment if the food comes from local production or organic farming. You can find all suitable accommodations on Good travel.


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