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Little bee fresh

On the way to a plastic-free household

The beeswax cloths from are an environmentally friendly alternative to aluminum foil, cling film & Co. little bee fresh. They can be used to keep cut fruit and vegetables fresh, to cover bowls and bowls and to pack bread and sandwiches. The towels not only look pretty, they also smell pleasantly of honey.

Made by hand from our own beekeeping

Inspired by an old family recipe, the founders, mother Rosemarie and daughter Angelika, use their towels to encourage more sustainability in everyday life. The beeswax cloths are a nice solution for everyone who wants to switch to a plastic-free household. Because in contrast to aluminum foil and cling film, the beeswax cloths can be used several times and over several months. Like a second skin, the wipes protect the food and make it last longer. They are also antiseptic and breathable.

We met Angelika and Rosemarie, the founders of little bee fresh, for an interview and asked them our three questions.

The founders: Rosemarie and Angelika | Photography Trautmann

1. What was or is your motivation behind Little Bee Fresh?

To make the plastic-free life easier by offering a practical, sustainable and chic alternative to aluminum foil and the like. After we saw a report about microplastics in Lake Constance - i.e. on our doorstep - we realized: We cannot continue as before. We have reduced the plastic in our household step by step. Then, when we accidentally came across the recipe for beeswax wraps, we started making them for ourselves. Our friends really liked it - and the idea for little bee fresh was born.

2. What do you advise our readers: What can we do specifically for a better future?

Minimize the garbage! There are many other aspects that are important for a sustainable future, but avoiding plastic (waste) is our personal focus. It's so easy to get rid of plastic from everyday life - bars of soap instead of soap from the dispenser, buying unpackaged food at the market, instead of packaged fruit and vegetables in the supermarket - and you can work on it in small steps. Every man for himself. Every day. Without much effort.

3. How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

Travel educates - and sharpens our eye for the beautiful in the world. Our planet is beautiful in so many ways. Experiencing this live ideally creates an awareness of how important it is to preserve it. If you still keep an eye on your ecological footprint while traveling, you are doing a lot right when it comes to sustainability. For example, we think it's great that - should a flight be unavoidable - there are now various ways of paying CO2 compensation. It is also easy for us to make sure to use as little plastic as possible, even when on vacation. A good example: do without straws! In addition, there are also many great agrotourism offers. So if you already think about sustainability when planning, you can, in our opinion, travel with a clear conscience.


Photo credits: Photography Trautmann

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