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Our previous sustainability criteria focused on the importance of the social togetherness and um sustainable food. The third part of our sustainability criteria deals with the “environment” criterion today. Many people associate the word “sustainability” with the environment and the preservation of nature. The environment also plays a major role when traveling. You can read here why the environment is so important.

The environment is not everything, but without the environment everything is nothing

When it comes to sustainability, ecological sustainability plays a very large role, if not the most important. The preservation and protection of the environment and the flora and fauna is the most important concern of ecological sustainability.

Tourism often takes place in natural landscapes that are particularly worthy of protection. A natural beach, a crystal-clear lake or snow-capped mountains - where the landscape is beautiful, people would like to go on vacation. In such regions there are often a large number of animals that need to be protected. It is therefore particularly important that tourism providers pay attention to treating the environment with respect.

Sustainable tourism offers are dedicated to exactly this topic. Natural resources are used optimally and efficiently here and the existing biodiversity in the regions is preserved.

The Good Travel Criterion "Environment"

Accommodations that have been awarded the “Environment” icon by Good Travel all make an important contribution to environmental protection by paying particular attention to the optimal use of natural resources. These can be measures that increase energy efficiency. This includes, for example, the use of LED and energy-saving lamps or heat-insulating measures. The electricity used in the accommodations is green electricity at best.


Environment Icon

The accommodations largely dispense with unnecessary rubbish. They can do this, for example, by making purchases that are low in waste or packaging. If necessary, recyclable, natural packaging materials are preferred and disposable packaging is avoided. Any rubbish is of course separated.

Care is taken to use water sparingly. On the one hand, this means that towels and bed linen are not automatically changed every day, but only at the request of the guests. On the other hand, there is no excessive irrigation of the system and, if available, well or spring water is used. Some accommodations have water treatment systems that help save water. The cleaning staff uses environmentally friendly cleaning agents and detergents.

With incentives and rewards, some properties also encourage their guests to travel in an environmentally friendly manner. That could be a bottle of wine or a free wellness treatment. The accommodations also offer environmentally friendly means of transport such as bicycles or electric cars, some of which are free of charge, for on-site mobility.

Support sustainable providers now

By choosing accommodations that are dedicated to this theme, you automatically support the environment. The more people use sustainable tourism offers, the more the big players are encouraged to rethink. As always, you can find all accommodations that pay attention to ecological sustainability at Good travel.


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