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72 hours of relaxation without internet: the Hofgut Hafnerleiten

Time for “Hofgut”! This is located near Bad Birnbach in Lower Bavaria Hafnerleiten farm. Ten themed houses offer a one-room living concept in nature. I was allowed to move into the “water house”. I reached the living room via a small footbridge, where natural materials such as wood were used. The light-flooded accommodation is equipped with a kitchenette, a fireplace and its own well water access and offers a large bed, a window seat and a free-standing bathtub. Nestled in meadows and fields, surrounded by trees and ponds, it's time to arrive and relax!

Water house
Hafnerleiten farm

Cut off from the outside world as an opportunity to look inwards

And that without the Internet and without real contact with the outside world. Because the accommodation is in a dead zone. Yes, something like that still exists and that's exactly what the hosts of the Hofgut have made their own. The circumstances led to a concept that fits perfectly with her intention to slow down. The individual houses themselves do not have WiFi; there is only an internet connection in the main house. Admittedly, I had to get involved with it first. 

As a solo traveler, this specifically means that after dinner together, which ended at around 21 p.m., I went to my house and was alone until the next morning, i.e. around 12 hours. Alone in a house in nature, without contact via my cell phone. Countless times during my three days there, I caught myself checking my phone, expecting messages or calls, only to find that no message actually went through. The feeling reminded me of New Year's Eve, when the radio masts are overwhelmed and you keep hoping that the written messages will get through, but unfortunately this only happens hours later. This was also the case at the Hofgut. As soon as I arrived at the main building in the morning, the messages and emails started pouring in. 

Hot Tub

The time of silence, just for me, offered the opportunity to just deal with myself, read a book without distraction, take a warm bath every evening, pursue my thoughts, finally write down my annual goals for 2024 and for myself to write. A real pleasure. I didn't even know I missed him.

Time of silence

A typical day at the Hofgut

In the morning there is a breakfast basket in front of the house. The day before, it was discussed with the employees what could be served: whether scrambled eggs or a hard-boiled egg, whether they would prefer to drink the filter coffee with cow's or oat milk and whether they would like to try the in-house porridge (the answer has to be yes!) . Breakfast is then enjoyed comfortably from bed or at the various seating areas. And without getting ready for the breakfast buffet, just relax in your pajamas or bathrobe, of course in the summer on your own terrace.


Afterwards you can take a walk through nature or book a massage. If you want to experience something more, take a trip to the nearby towns of Landshut, Burghausen, Regensburg or Salzburg. A Finnish sauna with a view of the natural swimming pond is heated daily from 12 noon by arrangement and a neighboring relaxation room can be used for reading and cooling off. In the afternoon, coffee and cake are served in the main building. In the evening, guests start with a daily changing aperitif followed by a three-course menu. The concept is that a menu is served every evening, prepared fresh daily from regional and seasonal food. The healthy and honest cuisine is a great way to end the day in good company at a long table. Before I went to dreamland, I definitely treated myself to a pleasant bath.

Breakfast basket
breakfast in bed

Italian flair in Lower Bavarian Tuscany

Host Erwin Rückerl lived and worked in Sardinia for a long time and, how could it be otherwise, fell in love with the Italian feeling. This is exactly what he wanted to integrate into the Hofgut. For this reason, the guests' dinner takes place together at a large table. Three courses are served, which reflect Mediterranean cuisine. On the evenings that I spent at the Hofgut, among other things, couscous salad, a vegetarian goulash with polenta and pike perch fillet were served on a vegetable bed of fennel and Romanesco. The breadsticks are rolled and made in-house and taste great with an aperitif.

Dinner at a large table
fennel salad
Couscous Salad
vegetarian goulash

If guests prefer to keep to themselves in the evening, they can have dinner in their house. The aperitif is served in the main house, where there is also a basket containing starters and desserts that can be taken back to the accommodation. The main course is delivered warm to the house.  

The host gives cooking and barrista courses

Guests can also take cooking and barrista courses from the host. Erwin Rückerl founded the first cooking school in Lower Bavaria in 1999 and still enjoys being in the kitchen today, even though he now receives support from the young chef Simon and his team. After the cooking school was a success and after a long, sociable evening, guests often expressed the wish that they would now like to spend the night there, the idea of ​​creating accommodation arose. In 2005, the family did not want to create another typical spa hotel, as there are enough of them in the region, but instead wanted to take a different approach: sustainable materials, a self-sufficient electricity concept and guests are allowed to spend at least three nights, i.e. 72 hours, here in complete peace. The host family complements each other perfectly. Host Anja Horn-rückerl takes care of the decoration, while daughter Natascha offers beer tastings and brewing courses. Over the years, the accommodation has expanded to include longhouses and the Genusshof with a barn and conference room was also added.

Hofgut Hafnerleiten_Main House
Hafnerleiten farm

The accommodation can be described as a place of power because you can really relax here. During my stay, I felt calm in the truest sense of the word. In my thoughts, in myself. The uncompromising deceleration creates time for my own thoughts and new ideas. Finally time to read, write down creative things and get a lot of sleep. Recovered and with new strength, it was said: See you soon, dear farm!

The houses have a different feel every season and invite you to do different activities. In 2025 the accommodation will be 25 years old - time to celebrate with the (Horn)-rückerls!


© Photos: Cecile Meier

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