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Overnight in Lisbon

Meet the Host – Anabela Bártolo from Baixa House

Last year I worked from Portugal for some time and really enjoyed the relaxed life on the Atlantic. During my stay I was able to meet interesting people - including Anabela Bártolo, the hostess Baixa House in Lisbon. Anabela welcomed me to a brand new accommodation in Porto, the Massarelos House. In addition to a short tour of the newly renovated house, she served me her favorite drink, a Porto Tonic (port wine from Porto meets tonic water). It really tastes delicious! I am fascinated by Anabela's warm personality, the way she runs the two houses and her view of life. I was initially surprised when she said that Porto is a small city, but there is still a lot to discover. The city didn't seem that small to me, but when I ran into Anabela at the National Museum Soares dos Reis a few days later, I knew what she meant.

Cecile in Portugal

In our published GOOD CITY GUIDES I present the highlights of my Porto trip and hope to inspire many to travel to the beautiful city themselves and get to know its sustainable side!

After three weeks in Porto, I finally went to the capital of Portugal. I spent a weekend at Baixa House and how could it be otherwise, I had a magical time

Accommodation in Lisbon
Overnight in Lisbon

7 questions for Anabela Bártolo from Baixa House

Apartment in Lisbon

Dear Anabela, how did you come to Baixa House?

I had previously worked in the Algarve for two years and longed to return to Lisbon. An acquaintance then introduced me to Jesus Moraine, the owner of the Baixa House, and one thing led to another. We met and thought about how we could run the hotel together, me on site and him from a distance, but in constant communication. I am very happy that I am now working in an apartment hotel, which I am doing for the first time, as previously I was mainly employed in boutique hotels. Jesus and I have a trusting working relationship and I run the house as if it were my own. I love the responsibility, varied tasks and hospitality.

What makes Baixa House so special for you?

I immediately fell in love with the story behind the city hotel. The interesting interplay between the botany, which Jesus Moraine shows through pictures and books of Lisbon's gardens, and the interior design impressed me from the start. In addition, the architectural work on our Baixa Pombalina, a very special architectural decade for Lisbon, speaks for itself.

What does a normal working day look like at Baixa House?

I am busy with various tasks, all of which I enjoy doing: I decorate the flower vases for the apartments, prepare check-ins and check-outs and take care of the bookings for the next few days. I also oversee the entire operation, take on administrative matters and also purchase breakfast, which we serve fresh to guests every morning. The bread hangs on the doors of the individual apartments and delicacies such as fresh orange juice, jam and cheese await guests in the refrigerator.

Anabela Bartelo in the apartment hotel.

What are the daily challenges of being a hostess?

For me it's about welcoming guests in a nice and warm way, making sure the apartments are clean and pleasant to find, and of course providing the necessary support on site, such as giving tips for nearby restaurants or providing information on how to do so the best way to get from A to B and which current art exhibition is recommended.

What makes life in Portugal so special for you?

Portugal is a very small country, but the amazing thing is that it has such diversity, be it in terms of the beautiful nature, the traditions that are lived and maintained to this day or the good gastronomy with fresh fish, meat specialties and its own wine. All this and much more makes Portugal a very attractive country for me, one in which I still enjoy living and I would like to share this joy with our guests.

Guests come to you to take a vacation and relax. Where do you prefer to go on vacation?

Summer is high season for us, so I usually only go on short trips to have a few days off. I would love to go to Spain or choose a nice place in Portugal. During the winter I have time to take longer vacations and I usually choose Brazil because it's my favorite combination: beach and music.

What is the key for you to really enjoy traveling?

I believe that we can enjoy traveling when we slow down the pace of everyday life. Slow living as a concept is a good way and this is where sustainability comes into play, living consciously, traveling consciously, taking time to deal with the things that are there and truly perceive them.

Our author Jule has also been to the Baixa House. Read more about her experience.

Baixa House in Good Places for Good People
Tram in Lisbon

© Photos: Cecile Meier

Cécile is a freelance author and sustainability strategist. She enjoys traveling to the fullest: getting to know different cultures, listening to other languages ​​and discovering new things either by the sea or in a (big) city always fascinates her. The stories and intentions of the Good Travel hosts are particularly important to her.


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