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Exciting hiking tours in the Zugspitz region without a car

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Would you like a little break in the Zugspitz region? Then the hiking routes presented are just the thing for you to get around the Zugspitz region in a relaxed manner without traffic jams. 

The wide range of public transport options enable you to reach your destination in the region in a stress-free and environmentally friendly manner. This not only protects the environment, but also your own wallet. Many of the tours presented are designed so that they can be easily reached by bus or train and the hike starts directly from the bus stop or train station.

Ammergau Alps:

Tour 1: Unternogg round tour

Altenau Säge bus stop, bus 9606

An varied round tour with historical monuments like that Kammerl power plant. Pure nature – on Bunting breakthrough Scheibum. Refreshments available in the Acheleschwaig or at the end of the tour Altenau village innkeeper.


Tour 2: Pürschling hut hike / August-Schuster-Haus

Bus stop: Unterammergau Rathaus, 9606

An nice hut tour from Unterammergau through the beautiful Schleifmühlklamm gorge over the Maximiliansweg and past the Josephskapelle to the August Schuster House. You can comfortably stop there with a beautiful view. We then go back on the Plattenberggrat and past the Langenthal Alm.

Bunting breakthrough Scheibum
Hut hike Pürschling Unterammergau
Hut hike Pürschling Unterammergau

Alpine World Karwendel:

Tour 1: Hike from Krün to Geroldsee

On this easy hike enjoy Wanderers the views of the surrounding mountains. It's worth taking a short break on the shores of Lake Gerold; please be sure to stretch your feet into the pleasant water. The highlights of the tour are the flowering meadows, the wonderful panorama and the opportunity to plan time for swimming fun at a quiet mountain lake.


Tour 2: The Three Lakes hike from Wallgau

On this Hike through the lake landscape In the Karwendel Alpine World you can enjoy fascinating mountain lakes, the ancient history of the region and the constant view of the Karwendel mountain world. In addition to the unique flora and fauna, the old Roman road “Via Raetia” in Klais is a highlight.

Tour tip-hike through the Leutaschen ghost gorge
Hike through the Leutaschen ghost gorge
Tour tip-The Three Lakes hike
Three Lakes hike


Tour 1: From Eckbauer to Elmauer Alm and back again

Ski stadium bus stop, local bus GAP lines 1 & 2

A pair of beautiful mountain trail in the Eckbauer area: From the Eckbauer mountain station, follow the hiking trail to the Wamberg junction (left path). Continue straight ahead onto the Wamberg ridge until you reach a forest road. Turn left and after about 10 minutes turn right to the Elmauer Alm. On the way back stay on the forest road until you come to a junction at the Eckbauer mountain station.


Tour 2: Hike to the Tannenhütte on the panoramic mountain Wank

Wankbahn bus stop, local bus GAP lines 4 & 5

Family Hike to the Tannenhütte on the panoramic Wank mountain: a hike for the whole family at the foot of the Wank. Via St. Anton you hike up to the Tannenhütte and enjoy a wonderful view of the Zugspitze massif and the Partenkirchen district.

Elmauer Alm
Elmauer Alm
Panorama from Eckbauer
Panorama from Eckbauer
Fir hut
Fir hut


Tour 1: The legendary mountain forest

Hammersbach bus stop line 9840

“The legendary mountain forest” – Natural hiking trail through the Hammersbach Forest: A fairytale hiking experience for children and adults (circular trail) with legendary adventure stations for children, natural paths and, in summer, absolutely pleasant thanks to the shady forest.


Tour 2: Badersee circular route

Badersee bus stop line 9840

Visiting the mermaid: Nice walk in the forest without any significant climbs. With the special features: Badersee (rowing boats for rent), gilded mermaid at the bottom of the Badersee (seen from the boat), small playground at the Hotel am Badersee. The lake never freezes over in winter; it is fed by underground springs and therefore has the same temperature in summer and winter.

Zugspitz village Grainau
Zugspitz village Grainau
Zugspitze village Grainau Badersee

Blue country:

Tour 1: Hike to the Kreut-Alm and the Glentleitenmuseum

Ohlstadt bus stop 9611 (the open-air museum is only served April – October)

Not only that Discover the Glentleiten open-air museum and the Kreut-Alm, but also enjoy the beautiful viewpoints of this hike!


Tour 2: Drachenstich circular route

Murnau train station

On the almost six kilometer long Circular hiking trail you get an impression of the diversity of the landscape around Murnau, such as the Murnauer-Moos and the Staffelsee.

Circular route Ohlstadt---Kreut-Alm---Open-air museum
Hike to the Kreut-Alm and the Glentleitenmuseum


Tour 1: Tour to the Kuhwandel waterfalls

Farchant station

The hike to the Cow Escape Waterfalls (Germany's highest waterfalls) is probably one of the most popular tours in town, possible almost all year round and accessible to everyone. Each season has its own special charm and allows you to discover the Kuhwandel waterfalls again and again: In spring, for example, the Kuhwandel waterfalls carry the most water, when the large amount of meltwater from the Ester Mountains comes down through the Kuhwandelgraben. In summer, the hiking trail offers plenty of shade and rewards you with a well-deserved cool down in the mountain stream. In autumn you walk across colorful meadows and in winter the Kuhwandel waterfalls transform into a true winter wonderland.


Tour 2: Scenic route from Eschenlohe to Farchant

Eschenlohe train station to Farchant train station

From the Seven Springs near Eschenlohe it goes via Oberau to Föhrenheide to Farchant. This hike is all about Moor and forest and is particularly suitable for families thanks to the moderate gradients.

Cow escape waterfalls Farchant
Cow escape waterfalls Farchant
Moor and forest hike
From Eschenlohe to Farchant

© Photos: Opener: Anja Blieninger, Ammergau Alps: Daniela Blöchinger, Anja-Blieninger I Alpenwelt Karwendel: Gregor Lengler, Philipp Gülland I Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Garmisch-Partenkirchen Tourismus GmbH I Grainau: Ostler, Zugspitzdorf Grainau-E. Reindl I Zugspitzland: Tourist Information Farchant, Wolfgang Ehn



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