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Nature cottages: accommodation in unspoiled nature

Environmental awareness is moving more and more into the focus of people, no matter what area of ​​life. In the media we repeatedly hear criticism about environmentally harmful cruise ships that are sailing the world's oceans and the CO2 footprints on long cheap flights to all corners of the earth.

Nature houses for sustainability

The provider "Nature house". The concept is simple and ingenious at the same time. Pretty, secluded cottages in the country and in the midst of beautiful landscapes for an unforgettable nature holiday. Also beautiful Vacation homes in Italy can be found here. Far away from any stress and the masses, you can, unlike in large holiday parks, consciously enjoy the tranquility of nature and let it affect your body and mind.

Agrotourism, tipi, holiday home, houseboat or villa

All kinds of different accommodation options are offered. Not only the hidden and isolated houses or houseboats inspire more and more nature lovers. Agrotourism, i.e. a room on a farm with interesting insights into the daily routines there, is also becoming increasingly popular.

From a tipi to a tree house in the forest to a nicely furnished beach house or a villa with a pool, all imaginable accommodations are represented. There is hardly anything better than being woken up in the morning by the chirping of birds and being able to admire the surrounding landscape right after getting up. Whether close to your own place of residence or in Italy, Portugal or Spain, there is something for every taste! In some of the numerous nature houses even pets are very welcome.

Experience nature holidays with nature houses

Discover the natural treasures of Europe with nature houses

Europe is an often underrated travel destination. There are so many natural places where you can rediscover flora and fauna. Spots of earth uniquely designed by nature are just waiting to be admired and discovered. For example, the Wadden Sea is right on your doorstep. What many don't know is that this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site shared by Holland and Germany. Northern Europe scores with its beautiful pine forests. The deciduous or willow forests are more central, while in the south you can discover vast forests or mountain ranges such as the Alps. So you don't necessarily have to leave the continent to observe interesting and rare animals and birds or to explore hidden places.

A tree is planted for every night booked

What is particularly impressive is not only the basic idea of ​​vacationing in Europe, instead of taking a long, tiring journey to distant countries by plane or ship. A lot of satisfied holidaymakers are even more enthusiastic about the fact that a tree is planted in one of the nature houses for every night booked. 576.749 new trees have already been planted. This success number not only underlines the success of the company, but also the success of all of us for a greener planet. A tree actively helps to compensate for the CO2 emissions, because it produces around 20 kilograms of CO2 a year. The goal of this great idea is to have planted a million trees by the end of 2021. And as a guest you can actively help with the booking!

environmental protection worldwide

These are planted by the local population and thus also support the local economy. On the Website of the company is not only constantly updated the number of trees already planted. In the blog you can get an idea of ​​the team's impressive trip to Madagascar and the project there. Also in Mughanga, a city in Tanzania, trees are planted in cooperation with the partner "" and the local population. Another greening project in Burkina Faso in cooperation with “Birdlife international” helps migratory birds to find food and nesting sites. So everyone can not only make their vacation environmentally friendly, but automatically contributes a considerable part to environmental protection.

Destinations in the Netherlands at nature houses

The range of destinations is also constantly expanding, because anyone who has a suitable house on offer can present it for rent on the company's website. The current offer in the Netherlands is particularly tempting. From over 2.726 accommodations, everyone in Holland can find a domicile that is perfectly tailored to their needs. Low prices, especially for group accommodation, enable young travel groups to enjoy an ecologically valuable holiday in the heart of nature, for example in one Hut to spend. So everyone has the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to our climate and environmental protection.

You can find more information about nature houses here


  • Stephen Weber

    Interesting that a tree is planted in one of the nature houses for every night booked. Good idea. Tree care is very important. Tree felling should be avoided whenever possible. 

  • Clara Green

    Great post on the topic of agritourism. I think it's particularly nice that a tree is planted for each night booked. It is just as nice that you not only help the environment, but also support the local economy that takes care of the trees. As the company grows, so does the number of trees.


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