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Clean with the DIY set from the clean box

New year's cleaning with the DIY set from Sauberkasten

The whole Good Travel Team wishes you a Happy New Year, we hope you got off to a good start and started the New Year full of energy! How about, for example, a New Year's cleaning that really brings your home back into shape? Just in time for the new year, we would like to give you the Clean box present, with which you can implement your good resolutions for 2020 vegan, environmentally and health-friendly!

The clean box is a DIY set that contains simple home remedies such as vinegar, baking soda and curd soap. Up to ten different cleaning agents and detergents can then be produced from this. The ingredients are not only more environmentally and health-friendly than conventional products, they are even vegan. You regain full control over the ingredients. Detergents that are enriched with incomprehensible names such as phosphate, formaldehyde and sodium sulfate are a thing of the past! Instead, you have homemade cleaning products in the house that work just as well as their conventional counterparts.

The clean box contains everything you need to bring the apartment up to scratch

Make up to ten cleaning agents yourself with the DIY set of clean boxes

A nice side effect of doing it yourself: you automatically produce less packaging waste. Especially when you fill the home-made cleaners into empty screw-top jars or bottles that arise in the household. In addition, by making the products yourself, the otherwise unpleasant activity becomes a shared experience with your flat share or your children, which is fun.

We think this concept is great! Just in time for the start of the year, we asked one of the two founders, Jeanette, our three questions.

1. What was or is your motivation behind Sauberkasten?

Cleaning with home remedies is so outrageously easy and much more sustainable to use than conventional means. Unfortunately, this valuable knowledge has been somewhat forgotten over the generations. With the clean box we want to show how easy it is to keep the household ecologically clean. We want to reduce the pollution in the waters and protect our environment and health. In addition, we can avoid a lot of rubbish in everyday life with the clean box.

Jeanette is one of the two founders

The idea for the clean box originally arose in my (Jeanette's) Bachelor thesis. It would have been a shame to leave this idea in a drawer. So we now have a great job that offers great added value for society - that's what drives us!

2. What do you advise our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

It is best to start small - with yourself. Look around, examine your everyday life and where you can become more sustainable every day. You then start with what is easiest for you and slowly move on and on. It's also important to get involved, get together with others, and raise awareness about the issues.

3. How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

Sustainable travel is definitely possible, much more relaxed and fulfilling. It slows me down a lot more! It's incredibly stressful to get on the plane quickly, briefly travel to a foreign country, check out all the sights and fly back again.

The clean box is currently available in three variations: "basic" for all ingredients to make yourself, "classic" with an additional practical wooden box and the "premium" variant for the all-round carefree package. You can do the clean box buy here.

You can find more information about clean boxes here

The recipe cards tell you how you can mix your own cleaning products


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