Five places to hibernate

Five places to hibernate

With their spring-like, mild climate all year round, the Canary Islands are a real place of longing for travelers from Europe. Especially in the cold and gray autumn and winter months you are looking for light, warmth and palm flair - and you will find what you are looking for. The volcanic island of Lanzarote, located in the northeast of the Canary Islands not far from the Moroccan coast, is a ...

change of scenery

Change of scenery opener

There are numerous reasons why people travel. The lockdown probably made a lot of people want to change their scenery - spend time in nature or just see something new. From some trips you come back full of ideas for your own four walls. Inspired by accommodations with a special interior charm We have never seen so much ...

Naturhäuschen: Accommodation in the middle of untouched nature

Opener nature house

Environmental awareness is moving more and more into the focus of people, no matter what area of ​​life. In the media we repeatedly hear criticism about environmentally harmful cruise ships that are sailing the world's oceans and the carbon footprints on long cheap flights to all corners of the world. Naturhäuschen for sustainability The provider "Naturhäuschen" now ensures sustainability even on vacation.

From someone who advocates the rights of housekeeping

Opener Las Kellys

With her organization “Las Kellys”, Myriam Barros received the so-called “TO DO Award Human Rights in Tourism” at this year's ITB. A prize that rewards tourism-related projects and measures in which the interests of the local population are taken into account in the planning and implementation of the projects. And it is precisely these interests that are combined with the ...

Canarian hiking days

Canarian hiking days

A guest contribution by Anja Dilk It is a sunny November day when Kirsten Niemann starts the big ascent with brother, friend and cousin. The thermometer shows 22 degrees. As every morning, Kirsten skips breakfast. Grab your small rucksack, pack your sandwiches and water, put on your jacket, put your sneakers on and off you go. To the...