Tiny House concept: five places to get to know each other

Opener Tiny House Art Lodge

The so-called Tiny House Movement advertises life in small houses and sees itself as a protest movement on increasing material prosperity. Because, like cars, homes are increasingly being viewed as a status symbol, with the following rule: the bigger, the better. The size of newly built single-family homes increased in some industrialized nations, although the number ...

Naturhäuschen: Accommodation in the middle of untouched nature

Opener nature house

Environmental awareness is moving more and more into the focus of people, no matter what area of ​​life. In the media we repeatedly hear criticism about environmentally harmful cruise ships that are sailing the world's oceans and the carbon footprints on long cheap flights to all corners of the world. Naturhäuschen for sustainability The provider "Naturhäuschen" now ensures sustainability even on vacation.

Five places with a natural pool

Open natural pool

A completely natural bathing pleasure awaits you at these five locations. Thanks to innovative filter technology, water-purifying plants and fresh spring water, these natural pools do not require any chemicals. Whether bio pool or swimming pond: instead of skin irritation, you can expect soft, crystal clear water in which you can splash around without hesitation. Between water lilies and shimmering dragonflies you feel ...

A woman on the way

Opener Way of St. James

A guest post by Mona Moldovan I meet Stefanie virtually on a sunny Saturday. We have known each other for a few months now, but have never met in person before. From the beginning I think that she radiates something that pulls people under her spell, including me. I myself currently work almost around the clock to ...

Immerse yourself in the dropout life in the south of Portugal - the Alentejo

Viticulture in Portugal

A guest contribution by Carolin Frühauf The small streets of São Luís in southwest Portugal are still full of life when we visit the small town hall on Friday evening. The doors are wide open and around 70 people sit at long rows of tables in the festival hall and listen to Ana’s closing speech, which is the fourth meeting of eco-projects ...

Five places for glamping

Vinha da Manta

The comfort when traveling has two extremes - either you choose the luxury hotel or you go camping. While you don't have to miss out on comfort in luxury hotels, you will often look for it in vain when camping. Most of the campsites can be found in the midst of the most beautiful natural scenery, while at the hotel there may be additional journeys. With the Glamping trend you have to ...