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A homage to leather travel companions

If you go on a journey, then that is it most important accessory anyway, the travel bag itself. The bags with the most style are probably all those who have acquired their unique character over many years of travel. They tell their very own stories and it is not uncommon for them to be a symbol of memory and longing at the same time.

HOLZRICHTER Berlin manufactures bags for life

The Berlin label HOLZRICHTER Berlin manufactures timeless travel bags and accessories, inspired by the leather travel companions of the Jet Age. The makers do not follow every trend, but rather produce a curated selection consisting of the best materials that meet the requirements of modern globetrotters. Durable metal fittings, robust cotton fabrics and an exclusive vegetable (chrome-free) tanned leather make HOLZRICHTER Berlin bags strong and long-term travel companions.

The range includes a large number of handcrafted travel bags, shoulder bags and laptop bags. The online atelier sells exclusively online, at no extra charge from intermediaries, and thus passes the price advantage on directly to its customers.

We think the bags from the Berlin fashion label are great and asked Alexander Korduan, founder of HOLZRICHTER Berlin, our three questions.

Alexander Korduan, CEO of Holzrichter, with his travel bag

1. What was or is your motivation behind HOLZRICHTER Berlin?

Our claim is the production of lifelong companions that meet the special requirements of travel, withstand heavy loads without restriction and are timeless classics that are modern for a lifetime. You can recognize timeless design by the fact that you don't notice when it's new. That is why clear lines and untouched surfaces characterize the restrained design language of our bags.

We want to manufacture bags that can at some point be passed on to the next generation as heirlooms and that will still generate as much enthusiasm as when you first bought them. Because a few years ago my grandfather gave me just such a bag and it inspired me to found HOLZRICHTER Berlin.

2. What do you advise our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

With all the products you buy, you can ask yourself: what will be with them tomorrow? We therefore advise you to invest in a permanent and timeless wardrobe instead of following short-lived trends over and over again. You should also find out how the product is manufactured, which materials are used and which processes are behind it.

The Berlin fashion label produces timeless classics for life
The bags are sold exclusively online

We also ask ourselves this question in our daily work and have therefore decided to only use vegetable-tanned leather. Instead of chromium and other chemicals that can damage the environment and health, we only use traditional tannins such as olive leaves or tare pods. The bag becomes a biodegradable product. But of course the goal should be to produce less waste! That is why you should invest in quality that will last a lifetime and that can be easily repaired if something should come up with it at some point. We offer our personal support for this.

3. How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

Those who travel get to know the world and those who know the world show consideration. Travel educates and allows us to mature. This makes you aware of the role you play and that you can contribute your part with just a few conscious decisions. One can for example great places within Germany visit, without having to travel long distances by air to accept. We try to use blogs and stories to bring our community closer to Berlin as an inspiring travel destination. Of course, we also know the real wanderlust! You should just make sure that you take enough time and not fly to New York for a week, for example, every year. A distance travel should be a special experience that you look forward to for a long time and that you will remember for a long time.

You can find more information about HOLZRICHTER Berlin here

High-quality and robust materials from HOLZRICHTER
Win a HOLZRICHTER weekender


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