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A culinary journey of discovery with KptnCook

With a competition at the end: We are giving away an annual subscription for the new weekly planner from kptncook!

In the past few months, many of us have probably spent significantly more time in our own kitchen again, wondering at one point or another what we could cook today. In the end, one or the other probably lacked the necessary inspiration and one felt more overwhelmed than encouraged to swing the wooden spoon by the flood of recipe ideas on conventional platforms.

How nice that there is an appealing app that finally makes this problem a thing of the past. With "kptncook“You'll find lots of healthy recipes, all of which can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. The founders Eva and Alex focus on quality rather than quantity with their range and are a complete success with their curated selection: Today the app accompanies thousands of people every day while cooking and provides the necessary inspiration!

Eat really well with fresh ingredients from the organic market

Regardless of whether you are a young sailor cook or an experienced kitchen captain: The free app is aimed at beginners and experienced cooks alike who have little time and still want to eat a balanced diet. At the beginning you will be asked whether you are on a vegetarian-vegan diet or if you would like to prepare a meat or fish dish yourself. You will then be shown three delicious daily recipes as well as theme specials that change on a weekly basis, which you can cook as you like or save permanently in your favorites for a later cooking session. Little by little, a cookbook is created according to your taste! With Drink Friday and Sweet Sunday, drink and dessert fans also get their money's worth, seasonal highlights and themed specials such as breakfast and Oktoberfest ensure variety in the kitchen.

You can easily save missing ingredients in your shopping list and have the prices displayed in an organic supermarket of your choice. Thanks to the individual quantity information, which is based on the desired number of people for whom you want to cook, you avoid excess food. Your healthy dish of the day ends up fresh and resource-saving on your plate!

Plan the entire week easily and stress-free with the weekly plan

Thanks to the new weekly plan feature, you can now easily and stress-free plan your shopping and meals for the entire week. You can look forward to recipes that perfectly match your diet. Fill your weekly schedule with recipes from your favorites, let yourself be surprised or choose one of the weekly topics, e.g. vegan, low-carb and many more.

We think the curated selection and the appealing design are great and asked the KptnCook team our three questions.

KptnCook team

What was or is your motivation behind KptnCook?

KptnCook supports daily cooking and simplifies the way to a fresh and uncomplicated dinner. With simple, quick recipes, we support our users with a varied and balanced diet - even when time is tight.

The many small decisions up to delicious home-cooked food should be made easily, spontaneously and stress-free. Often enough we ourselves stood helplessly in front of the supermarket shelf and wondered what we could cook with all the products. That is why we accompany our Kptns from the recipe inspiration to shopping in the supermarket to the fun cooking session in their own galley.

What do you advise our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

As common as food is to us, it affects us and our environment so much. Paying attention to a balanced diet, using regional offers, being aware of the origin of certain ingredients and also cooking vegan or vegetarian food more often is not only fun, it also leads to a more conscious lifestyle. That is why there are so many meat-free recipes to discover in the app.

How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

You can find us in Berlin, so we are well connected to the long-distance network. Since Germany is surrounded by so many exciting neighboring countries, we are very fortunate to be able to easily travel to beautiful places by train. In line with the motto: if you travel more slowly, you also have more time to eat 😉

You can find more information about KptnCook here


  • Lisa Rayman

    I think that's great. Cooking can become so stressful in everyday life that one often resorts to quick and often unhealthy alternatives. I think the idea shown here is great and inspiring.
    I prefer to cook with my boyfriend, but also with my sister 🙂


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