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A handbook from a holistic perspective

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Sustainable travel means protecting the environment, making an economic contribution on site, being careful with people and culture - but also returning home satisfied and fulfilled. It doesn't matter if you visit Machu Picchu, Beach vacation on Mallorca or want to spend a musical weekend in Hamburg: In the newly published book "Bon Voyage – Guide to Sustainable Travel“ the author Jacqueline Albers gives you concrete ideas, checklists and expert opinions. The nice thing: The practical guide helps you in a playful way to make all your future trips more sustainable - very simple and for every budget suitable.

Travel sustainably and return fulfilled

On a total of 192 pages, the author illuminates the topic of sustainable travel from a holistic perspective. The newly published manual was produced in a climate-neutral manner and is in Travel dispatches publishing house appeared.

We think: A nicely designed and informative manual that should be a must-read for every conscious traveler. We asked the author, Jacqueline Albers, our three questions.

1. What was or is your motivation behind BUTE REISE – Handbook for Sustainable Travel?

Gute Reise combines two of my great passions, travel and sustainability. From an early age, I was out and about a lot with my family - even in rather unusual places. I still love traveling to this day and have the feeling that there are still tons of interesting destinations to discover.

When I first worked on the UN Development Goals in 2005, I wanted to work harder for a fairer world. In the meantime I have been working for many years to promote climate protection and sustainable development, for example in research on sustainable tourism in the Ecuadorian rainforest or in the UN climate negotiations.

Detail of the nicely designed travel guide

When travel was virtually reduced to zero during the pandemic, I knew that I wanted to put my thoughts on sustainable travel together in a handbook. When travel starts again - like now - the book offers a lot of information on how to travel easily and sustainably for every budget.

It is very important to me that we stop giving each other a guilty conscience when it comes to sustainability. Travel should be good for us. There is no place for me to point my finger at others. We should put positive examples in the foreground and pass them on.

2. What do you advise our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

In everything we do, we can ask ourselves the following questions: How can I avoid, reduce and compensate for negative effects? How can I make a contribution / contribute positively? If we internalize this, we will come across much more often where we are committed to a better future and where there may still be a shortage. We automatically deal with how we can get better.

Sustainability doesn't just mean the environment. If we want to have a good future, in addition to issues such as environmental protection, we should always think of promoting culture and good social interaction. Often, social and cultural issues are overshadowed by green issues. But it doesn't have to be. Both areas are inextricably linked. There is only a better future if we care equally for nature and people.

The mobility offer and its CO2 emissions

Our own happiness as the key to success: I see a better world above all when we make sure that we are satisfied ourselves. And by that I don't mean material things. Rather, I think of the fact that we work on our happiness, think about relaxation and balance and sometimes leave everyday life behind. If we recharge our batteries and allow inspiration, we can think more of others again and work for a better future with joy. This also includes leaving your cell phone lying around and packing a good travel book, for example.

3. How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

Sustainability affects all areas of our life - including our travels. Both belong together in any case. In our globalized world, we will be on the move a lot more in the future than before, for example to visit friends and family, to discover the wonders of nature and to get to know cultures. Travel is good, because: Many regions live from their visitors: inside, cultural understanding works to a large extent on site and tourism increases awareness of environmental protection. In addition, we relax and gain new experiences so that we can start all over again.

The question could therefore also be - how do we bring both travel and sustainability together even better? In concrete terms, this means preparing yourself well for all points of the trip and then getting active, i.e. making the movement, the accommodation, food and drink and the activities more sustainable. Not to be forgotten is of course a high happiness factor again! Then a lot has already been done. My book provides checklists, tips and expert opinions for this.

More information about the manual

A look in the book

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