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Lutetsburg Lodges

A luxurious hideaway in the middle of nature

As a guest in the Lütetsburg Lodges. A guest contribution by Milena Magerl:

A cold breeze blows through the open window and I can feel the cracking of the branches around me. I open my eyes, roll myself very slowly to the side and try to sit up as inconspicuously as possible so that I can look unnoticed through the large window above my head. Because I want to see which animal neighbors are currently out and about in the canopy of leaves that surrounds me. My gaze goes straight into the dense treetops and I'm amazed when a little squirrel looks at me.

I put the soft blanket around my shoulders and watch the lively life that goes on up here from my cozy bed for the night. Instead of experiencing the hustle and bustle from the ground as usual, I feel very close to nature here. The feeling reminds me a little of a dive - just above water: While marine animals quickly flee from snorkelers splashing around on the surface of the water, divers seem to become part of the underwater world. I also feel like I'm immersed in the nature around me right now.

The Lütetsburg Lodges are real eye-catchers
From the comfortable beds you can enjoy a beautiful view of the countryside

Then I get up, walk along the wooden sleeping loft and pull the thick curtain aside. Through the gigantic panorama window that extends up to the second floor of my accommodation, I can look out over the expanse of the calm East Frisian landscape, which spreads out in front of me in soft pastel tones.

Anyone looking for a place of retreat in the countryside or who has always wanted to fulfill their childhood dream of having their own tree house is in the Lutetsburg Lodges precisely. The three minimalistly furnished tree houses, named after the Nordic fauna - Voss (fox), Dacks (badger) and Reei (deer), are secluded in the middle of nature and only a few kilometers from the German North Sea coast. You can switch off really well on the hectare-large, greened property - city noise and urban hustle and bustle are quickly forgotten here.

Location close to nature and environmentally conscious architecture

The clear, organic wooden structures are somewhat reminiscent of modern Scandinavian architecture and are inconspicuously embedded in the surrounding forest. Huge glass fronts flood the chic night quarter with light and blur the boundaries between outside and inside. Thanks to the high-quality equipment, you don't have to do without a bit of luxury even at lofty heights. In order to maintain harmony with nature in the construction, the three tree houses were made exclusively from sustainable and regional materials. But the environmentally conscious commitment doesn't stop there: In order to offset the CO2 emissions of the tree house guests, the Lütetsburg Lodges team plants a tree in their own agricultural and forestry operations for every booking.

Marvel at the vastness of the pretty stilt houses
The furnishing style is modern-Scandinavian
In the three stilt houses you have a very special kind of overnight experience

Natural entertainment

Actually, you don't have to worry about planning your leisure program during your stay in the tree house, because nature alone provides great entertainment. From the narrow balcony, you can watch the sun rise in the morning and then you can relax and have breakfast on the spacious outdoor terrace. Because the sea is not far, it is definitely worth making a short detour to the Wadden Sea coast or to the offshore North Sea islands. Those who have already got used to the slow pace drive over to Juist to walk along the long sandbank. And on Norderney, too, you can leave the relaxation mode switched on, take a leisurely bike tour through the wild dune landscape and fill your lungs with the clear sea air.

In the late afternoon you will take the ferry back to land so that you are back in the tree house at dusk. Because at a late hour, the main characters step onto nature's stage. As soon as the sun approaches the horizon, you can spot deer and deer who dare to venture out of the small forest onto the vast heather. Make yourself comfortable on the couch and relax and secure the best spots to observe the game in the landscape with the binoculars that await you in the tree house. And maybe you are very lucky, because sometimes even the big animals dare to get very close to the wooden houses.

A visit to the beach on Norderney should definitely not be forgotten
Enjoy the view from the tree houses just in time for sunset
Milena Magerl from the pleasure of traveling


As soon as Milena from Reisevergnügen If there is time, the rucksack is packed and she is already on her way into the big wide world. For us she was in the Lutetsburg Lodges and took a look behind the scenes on site.

Photo credits: Milena Magerl


  • Michael Kuzmin

    These look spectacular. Just curious, what's the size of the treehouses, ie how many square meters is the ground level and how tall is the ceiling? I am thinking about building something similar for myself, trying to figure out how it would compare to your architecture in terms of capacity.


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