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Happiness in the kitchen bed

A guest post by Christine von Greta's friends (with competition at the end)

It should be something in the middle of nowhere. cuddly. Inspiring. We were looking for a real feel-good retreat where thoughts can flow, legs can dangle and soul can hop. Aim of the Jodwide event? Knitting our Gretas Friends publishing program for next year. And finally a weekend for three, without children, with lots of hot tea and nonsense and sleep. We found what we were looking for - and hopped straight into the Auszeitglück in Dreesch. It took a little patience to get into the ugly loneliness. On this arrival Friday afternoon, Berlin was clogged like a panting stovepipe. Our mood, however, did not detract from the strolling. On the contrary. Serena had loaded delicious cinnamon sticks on board her van - which not only made it onto the cover of our last book, but ultimately also, after a few hours of traffic jams, made it to the Brandenburg Pampas.

Dreesch is a small village behind a small village, the road through wide fields and then a bit further into nothing. Those who trundle along the long-distance riding trail Berlin-Usedom, for example, or those looking for peace and nature just happen to pass by here. That Dreesch7-Deceleration program already tasted like icing when we parked the Bulli in front of the red brick wall, peered over the gate to the Hofparadies and were greeted cheerfully by host Norbert and his four-legged friend.

Since the regional market was to take place on the premises the next day, the landlord and his team (most of whom had traveled from Berlin) were busy working in the barn. Flying shavings, hum and hustle and bustle did not prevent him from warmly introducing us to the secrets of his famous guest house. That means: where can you find logs for the wood stove. How does the warm shower work? And how do you get the mobile induction cooker up and running? He went back to work. And we sank into the cushions of the kitchen bed, informed and energetic, that Norbert and landlady Christiane, who we should unfortunately miss this weekend, had set up especially for us.

Cast iron, a little creaky, uninhibitedly wonderful - just pure cosiness

The cozy apartment in Dreesch7 is officially rented to two people. An extra bed is available on request. And what can we say: We have never seen such a delight in improvised sleeping quarters. Cast iron, a little creaky, uninhibitedly wonderful. At least one of the three of us always slouched in the pillows. For three of them, the kitchen bed was also suitable for chatting, reading, and doing nothing. Alternatively, you could linger on the wide window sill. Legs dangle from the very best, so to speak. A dream!

In Dreesch7 we were able to relax completely
Detail in Dreesch7
Kitchen bed cuddling in Dreesch7

When we didn't feel hungry soon afterwards, we quickly poured the favorite lentil soup we had brought with us, precooked by Sarah, into a pot that we found in the well-equipped kitchen, sorted one of the linen blankets on the table, dipped bread in the broth, drank red wine - and celebrated our trip from the tip of the nose to the big toe. Then we talked a little more about books. About life. Then our eyes closed.

The next day, after a night of full moon and very, very much sleep, the announced regional market took place in the courtyard. The repaired barn sparkled. Fresh mushrooms from the region were available for purchase. A basket maker woven his skills into baskets. Fill up with cake. Above all, Norbert and his boys showed at the pots what culinary heights that can bring Dreesch7-Team is able to.

Detail of the basket material
Basket maker at the courtyard festival

An award-winning SupperClub takes place monthly at Dreesch7

Once a month the award-winning one takes place on the old farm [email protected]Dreesch7 instead of. In a small, exquisite group, you can enjoy the evening atmosphere and a lot of cozy atmosphere with a 5-course menu made from regional ingredients. But the regional market bites were also more than impressive. When we had shoveled enough kale poem, braised onion luck and cute all kinds of leek into our already empty bellies, we moved to another part of the huge, enchanted garden to just read for hours under the peach tree. Serena took an impromptu afternoon nap. Sarah studied the greenhouse. Tine examined the raised beds. Then we fired up our brains and brooded over our book project 2021 again. In the evening there was curry. In addition, as the day before, crackling oven comfort. Kitchen bed cuddles. Another good night's sleep. And thanks to the generosity of the hosts, the next morning thick slices of the excellent oat bread that had been served at the regional market the day before. Because of our enthusiasm, we were given a whole body straight away. Mhmmmmm!

We also spoiled ourselves with culinary delights

Conclusion: a magical weekend in nowhere!

On Sunday we rattled off the farm again full of love for the country. It was a thoroughly magical weekend in nowhere. The Dreesch7-Team is as sweet as a piece of apple pie, courteous, interested, always open to a chat and so stylish that every Optikonkel should get their money's worth here. And we'll be back. Certainly. At least to the supper club. By the way, the creative spirits from Dreesch can now also be won over for private celebrations. They then conjure up an exclusive menu for country lovers. For the future, Norbert and Christiane are also planning to expand some tiny houses on the site. There is also a pool and a sauna. The list of projects is long. But we also really liked the status quo at Dreesch7!


  • Norbert Fliege is an architect, Christiane Lünskens is an artist and scenographer.
  • The two of them bought the farm (a former sheepfold) in Dreesch, municipality of Grünow in the Uckermark, in January 2015 and realized their dream of a colorful and creative country life far away from the big city.
  • The Dreesch7 Workshops take place, for example on the topics of basket weaving, concrete or wood.
  • In the future, in addition to the apartment for 2-3 people and a studio that can be rented, there will also be an event room in the large stable and a few other tiny houses on the premises.
  • Norbert and Christiane attach great importance to working as sustainably and environmentally friendly as possible in all areas, regardless of whether in the garden design, the cultivation of fruit, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers or the processing of the harvests. It goes without saying that the garden should also provide food and shelter for numerous animals.
  • Another plus: the hosts try to avoid rubbish and use materials and techniques that are as climate-neutral and sustainable as possible for the workshops and the restoration of the house.
  • Those who also want to relax outside the site (hardly necessary :-)) can hop southwest of Dreesch into the Großer Prähnsee, the Kleiner Prähnsee or the Clear Lake on the district road to Grünow. According to the hosts, you usually have the waters all to yourself, even in midsummer!
  • Other excursion options: Grumsin beech forest (world natural heritage), Schorfheide-Chorin biosphere reserve, Uckermärkische Seen nature park, Lower Oder Valley National Park, Prenzlau Dominican monastery, open air concerts, countless small towns that are worth visiting, organic farms with farm sales, artist studios

You can find more information about Dreesch7 here

The hosts from Dreesch7


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