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Road trip to the Ramenai: forest vacation at its best

Finally on the road again. After we had to cancel one or the other travel plan due to the corona, we set out again at the beginning of July to go out. After weeks in the home office, a long-awaited break from the forest awaited us. In the luggage: the finest road trip music and exciting podcasts on the go.

Our journey took us into that ramenai, which we reach after a good six hours' drive from Berlin. The last kilometers we follow curving country roads with beautiful views of the gentle hilly landscape of the Austrian Bohemian Forest.

Gentle hills, curving streets and a spicy wood fragrance on the nose

When we drive into the parking bay of the Ramenai, with the windows down, a pleasantly aromatic wood smell rises in our nostrils and at the reception, the host Günter and his son Florian are already waiting for us, who is always happy to help out here after school.

The hut village is deliberately kept car-free, so a short walk is still necessary. But don't worry: the luggage is brought to the hut in a quad bike, so that you can fully immerse yourself in the new surroundings without any burden. The path leads past the in-house high rope park, the floating tree bed, which is rented out in the summer months, and through the middle of the shining green forest, which unfolds its wonderfully decelerating effect on us within a very short time.

From the huts you can enjoy a wonderful view of the forest
The way to the hut village Ramenai has a decelerating effect on us

Slow down to the Holzknechthütte through the green glowing forest

After a few minutes' walk, you can see the handful of Ramenai huts, which are well spaced from each other and thus offer enough privacy. With their hut village, the Hofbauer family has fulfilled their very personal lifelong dream. After the host Günter had been traveling all over the world as a mountain guide and passionate climber for years, the family of four finally moved back home. Since December 2019, they have been bringing their guests closer to the special features of their region with a lot of passion and attention to detail.

The traditional huts of the forest workers as a model and inspiration

The woodcutter's hut "Minna" should now be our home for the next few days. When planning and building the huts, the family was inspired by old family pictures and so the arrangement of the huts is based on the traditional huts of the forest workers. While the loggers' huts at that time offered space for the forest worker and his animals, today up to four people can sleep comfortably here. Other cabins can accommodate up to eight people or more.

In contrast to the past, you don't have to forego any amenities today. A very special highlight is the private sauna with a huge panorama window that reveals a wonderful view of the forest.

The huts are well spaced apart
Glance into the bedroom
Sleep surrounded by natural materials
The Minna lumberjack will be our home for the next few days
The Holzknechthütte can accommodate up to four people
The stove creates a cozy atmosphere in the wooden huts

Where people used to cook in the huts, people still cook today. The black-washed walls of the kitchen are supposed to be reminiscent of the sooty walls of the past. And where the stables for the animals used to be, you can now sleep in peace. High-quality and natural materials sheep wool and linen ensure a restful night's sleep. And while in the past it was mainly the cooking heat and the organic heat of the animals that heated the huts, today the underfloor heating, a wood stove and the private sauna with a panoramic view in the vestibule ensure a pleasant and cozy atmosphere all year round.

In the private sauna with a panoramic view of the forest

On arrival there is a bulging Waldler package with regional delicacies

In general, the huts are geared towards self-catering, but since the hosts like to introduce their guests to the specialties of their region, you will find a forestry package on arrival. The package is filled to the brim with fresh fruit and vegetables and all kinds of delicacies from the region such as homemade muesli and jam, cream cheese and yoghurt from the neighboring organic farm and honey from the Ramenai carpenter. The nice thing is that everything that is included can be taken home with you - if you haven't plastered it off beforehand. So you can get that Ramenai feeling back long after you return to your own four walls.

Extensive breakfast with ingredients from the Waldler package
Make yourself comfortable with a good book
Fresh bread from the region
Delicious coffee is also a must in the morning

If you need more food, you can get enough supplies in the surrounding supermarkets, which can be reached in five minutes by car. Of course, there are also numerous places to stop for a break on site. Günter and his family are happy to give tips on good restaurants in the area, which are often very close to hiking trails.

An extensive network of cycling and hiking trails is right outside the door

Speaking of hiking: In the Ramenai, numerous hiking trails pass right outside the front door. The is also suitable for cycling Bohemian forest - the one together with that Bavarian forest is also called the “green roof of Europe” - really wonderful. Even now in the high season you can hike the trails for hours without even meeting a soul and can enjoy the unique atmosphere to the fullest. In autumn the green roof turns into a colorful sea of ​​leaves and winter beckons with guaranteed snow. Then an extensive network of trails and a family-friendly ski area invite you to winter sports activities. This makes Ramenai an attractive travel destination all year round.

If you want, you can practice a round of yoga on your own terrace or after so much activity in the fresh forest air, make yourself really comfortable in the hut. During our stay it got a bit fresh towards evening, which we were really happy about. Because so we could fire up the wood stove, take a sauna with a view of the forest and then cuddle up and listen to the crackling fire with a good book in hand. An all-round great stay that passed far too quickly. For us one thing is certain: we will be back! And who knows: maybe we will soon be relocating our home office to that ramenai and do a little forest work 2.0 - just like the lumberjacks of the past.

Start the day with a round of yoga

You can find more information about Ramenai here

Photo credits: Lisa Klakow, opening photo: Ramenai

In any case, the host Günter and the rest of the Hofbauer family are looking forward to all guests who want to spend a few decelerated days in the forest - regardless of whether you move your home office to the countryside or not. The family is happy to give tips for day trips or after-work trips to the beautiful surroundings and they are passionate about making sure that you feel completely at ease during your stay.

Günter is a host with a lot of heart and passion

Lisa helped set up the Good Travel Blog and will write for us as a freelance author in the future. She is passionate about traveling and dancing around the world with a small ecological footprint.


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