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Robin's nest

Robin's Nest, an adventurous overnight stay in the forest

A guest post by the bloggers of IN SEARCH OF:
Kai Kreuzmüller and Maria Giesecke

As a genuine village bitter orange, acute rural exodus was strongly manifested in the brain in the early twenties. The city was regarded as a shiny playground made of concrete and dreams and has been the place of desire since the first hormone injection. Something was going on there, people wanted to be there. In the meantime we can be lured again with nature. The absolute ABOVE nature is in the tree house hotel Robin's nest, the green oasis in the middle of the northernmost northern tip of Hesse. Yes, vacation in Hessen. I wouldn't have thought so now either, but the weekend in the trees is one of the most relaxing that I've ever been able to experience. You just get older, your free time is getting scarcer and such a short vacation three hours by car from Berlin has some advantages.

Adventurous overnight stays in the heights of the forest

Four years ago, Peter H. Becker started realizing his dream of an adventure playground in a forest property with a view and hung a green tree house ball in the forest in addition to extravagant tree houses and a stilt house. Now you can dream, hang out and hike there somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The tree houses are of different sizes and therefore also equipped differently. Kai and I had the pleasure of testing two of the tree houses, petting ponies, (almost) shaving raccoons, making friends with dogs and playing with wood.

View of the tree house hotel
Entrance to the tree house

We spent our first night in the cozy tree house sphere, which is strongly reminiscent of a kind of forest uterus (= NEST, it is clear). The part is just big enough for a double bed and is still infinitely great. We slept here for a full 14 hours, comfortably and dry, despite the constant rain. When you think of a tree house, you first think of a spartan, rather uncomfortable affair, but this cliché has absolutely not been confirmed here. In the tree house you sleep in the middle of the forest, every crack of the branches, the rustling of the treetops is very close, there is also a window into the sky and the nature is so perplexed that there is no room for stressful or unsightly thoughts or the internet stays. This secure feeling is indescribable and while I was lying there, slumbering and listening to nature, I was probably the most relaxed person who has ever existed in this forest.

For the second night we climbed into the cork house

This is significantly higher than the small sphere and is fancy equipped with a natural compost toilet, four beds, a table and even a small terrace. How the boy got all this into the treetops is a complete mystery to me. In any case, I'm overly proud that I dared to climb up there - fear of heights deluxe. But we also slept incredibly well here, which was probably also due to the fact that it was pitch dark in the forest at night. You don't know that from the big city. And while we were staring out of the huge picture window in the cozy dining area and looking at the starry sky, a raccoon was clearing out the fridge in the communal kitchen; again. A total of 3 tree houses, 1 tree house ball and 1 stilt house are currently available, all equipped differently and suitable for different needs. Whether a large group or a couple - almost everyone will find their personal dream tree house here. However, you have to like nature and not be too demanding when it comes to sanitary facilities. Teeth are brushed outdoors (our own spring water, btw!) and other things are more reminiscent of camping than of 5-star luxury. Showers are available at nearby Berlepsch Castle, a four-minute walk away (yes, 1 real castle).

Berlepsch Castle

The food

Those who know me know how much I rave about breakfast buffets. This choice, this freedom - endless feed widths! Here, too, we are not disappointed: the breakfast awaits with cheese, scrambled eggs, sausage and muesli variations. In terms of taste, everyone is on the safe side, not super freaked out, but delicious from the supermarket around the corner or local carted. Families and larger groups will not be embarrassed here that someone cannot find anything to eat. We took the opportunity to take breakfast in the basket with us in the ball and munch it comfortably horizontally. On request, you can also book dinner with lunch or you can use the fully equipped kitchen in the forest hut and simply cook something yourself. An offer that we accepted with pleasure, and because we were on it so harmoniously, we even baked cupcakes.

Breakfast basket
homemade pancakes

The area

Allegedly there is the highest density of castles and palaces in Germany in the area. And what can I say, there is a castle not a two-minute walk from the tree house hotel. Berlepsch Castle is gracefully and picturesquely situated on a green hill, which is surrounded by ponies and half-timbered houses #Postkarte. In general, everything here is very green, very calm and very beautiful. Right next to the hotel there is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany (you can see, a place of superlatives) "X5H", or less melodiously called "Werra-Burgensteig". Once a year, miraculous things take place in the hotel car park: a horde of youngsters throws on their medieval clothes and starts hitting each other with sticks and real swords until the ambulances are overflowing. This is called the Middle Ages Games and should be pretty intense. In addition, a tawny owl whispered to us that the pond should be expanded into a nature spa retreat at the end of the year. For gourmets, we recommend “Never as Always” in Kassel, Peter's sister's restaurant. However, it is only open on Thursdays.

You can find more information about Robin's Nest here

the environment
relax in front of the hut
in the preparations
Pasta like in a picture book
Bloggers Maria and Lucie

On her blog IN SEARCH OF Maria and Lucie write together with other great people about their eating and travel experiences, a sustainable lifestyle, beauty and the good life in general. Maria loves everything that is fluffy (animals) and completely freaks out at all kinds of animal sightings. Their favorite consistency in general is crispy. Lucie is a great cook, takes care of the well-being of her fellow human beings and has an impressive collection of boys at home.

Photos: Maria Giesecke


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