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Feeling good in Andalusian yurts

They stand there in the midst of mango and fig trees: Darja's yurts. There are also macadamia and orange trees here, because the Andalusian climate is ideal for growing fruit and vegetables all year round. At Daryas Yurtas one pays attention to an ecological management of the plants. As a guest, you benefit from it by being able to try the mangoes fresh, dried or processed as jam. The macadamia nuts, in turn, are used for raw cakes. You can also enjoy the almonds, figs and oranges practically straight from the tree and find out how good they taste.

Enjoy the vegetarian-vegan half board

The vegetarian-vegan half board is included in the room price. Most of the ingredients come from the region and are sourced as organic as possible. In addition, energized well water is served in glass bottles to drink.

Daryas Yurtas

Darjas Yurtas also pays attention to ecological management of the finca: part of the power supply is obtained from a solar system, they rely on recycling and composting and of course the garbage is separated and recycled. Even the cleaning agents are largely made in-house. Here one strives for a simple life with all the necessary amenities in harmony with nature.

Sleep in yurts harmonized with Feng Shui

The yurts are also made from selected organic materials made by regional craftsmen. Insulated with sheep's wool and without rough edges, they were harmoniously furnished and decorated according to Feng Shui. Each yurt also has a solar-powered, walk-in external spiral shower made from natural materials.

From here you have a wonderful view of the Mediterranean sea. Here you can really endure and so the day starts with a round of yoga and ends in the wood-fired sauna with a view of the blue sea.

Start the day with a round of yoga

Hike through the Andalusian mountains

You can spend the time in between, for example, hiking through the Andalusian mountains or on the nearby coast. Not far from the finca is the Caminito Del Rey, a very special via ferrata that can be climbed on a guided nature hike. The snow-capped Sierra Nevada is also worth visiting.

A hike ...

If you feel like city life, you can take a trip to nearby Malaga, Gibraltar or historic Ronda. You should definitely not miss the world heritage site of the important city castle, the Alhambra de Granada.

A real feel-good vacation with Darjas Yurtas

Back at Darjas Yurtas you can relax with one of the wellness treatments on offer. You can choose between an intuitive relaxation massage and natural cosmetic treatments such as an aloe treatment from our own cultivation.

At Darjas Yurtas you are offered a real glamping feel-good holiday. But it is also really easy to endure under the Andalusian sun and between the fruit trees. From start to finish you feel completely at ease and cared for here.

More information is available here

You can relax completely with a feel-good treatment
Then the small pool or the large, blue sea beckons for a refreshment

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