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Now available: Our digital Good City Guides

We have great news: Brand new, the Good City Guides! 

Cities in particular face an enormous challenge in maintaining their quality of life despite climate change. And not just for the residents, but also to remain attractive for tourists. Many people with their ideas contribute, even in small ways, to making their cities greener, more sustainable and more livable. We set off in our (favorite) cities to put together these places, our very personal favorites, for you.

To start with, there are five Good City Guides for the cities of Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Porto and Vienna - for just 3,50 euros per guide!

No matter whether you are a foodie, explorer, nature lover, culture fan or night owl – the GOOD CITY GUIDES are the ultimate travel companions.

Good City Guide Paris

Personal highlights, charming corners, innovative concepts, favorite places in nature

Our GOOD CITY GUIDES cover five areas of city experience: “Good Food” takes you to places where fresh, vegetarian and seasonal cooking is served, “Beautiful Discovering” introduces you to innovative shop concepts, cool vintage shops and flea markets, “Time in the Green” shows a selection of green oases for relaxing moments, the city’s art scene can be found in “Experience Culture”, and “Evenings Out” shows you special places to start the night.

In the respective areas you will find six concrete tips with images, text and addresses. These can easily be saved on your cell phone using the Google “My Maps” function. 

While I was scouting out the places for the City Guide, I fell in love with my adopted home all over again.


That's how it's done



Whether Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Porto or Vienna – plan your next city trip with our city guide.

Price: 3,50 euros – only costs you one cappucino 😉


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