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Müritz, Waren

Waren an der Müritz: sleeping in a fairytale tower

Just a few more minutes and I'll reach him water tower goods, in Waren on the Müritz. Curious, I look between the houses in front of me for the top of the tower. I look through the Nesselberg park and can see the tower between the trees. It feels a bit like I'm in a fairy tale.

Arriving at the top of the hill, tower neighbor Steffen greets me. He shows me around a bit, shows me the apartment and gives me tips for trips in the next few days.

Exceptional overnight stay

What an exceptional place to stay. For the next few days I will be living in a historic, listed water tower in Waren an der Müritz. The tower is a little off the center of Waren, surrounded by greenery. The water tower is around 120 years old and has been divided into four holiday apartments. Each of them has its very own charm and some details are reminiscent of the former use of the building. The expansion was carried out with the most ecological, durable materials possible, such as clay plaster, wood or linoleum.

I move into the Hagenow holiday apartment on the ground floor with my dog ​​Greg and unpack my travel bag.

Waren water tower on the Müritz
Overnight in Mueritz
Accommodation in the water tower

As in a fairy tale

I am kindly allowed to look into the other apartments between the departure of previous guests and the arrival of new guests. A narrow spiral staircase leads me upstairs. Once at the top, I walk into the Pankow holiday apartment and marvel at the really great furnishings. Despite its functional simplicity, the furnishings are warm and homely and feature some creative detail solutions. I also enjoy the view from the surrounding balcony and feel like a fairy tale princess for a moment, although my hair is of course too short for that 😉


You can find more information about this and where you can book this accommodation here

Goods at the Müritz
Accommodation in the Mecklenburg Lake District
water tower goods

Back at the bottom, my way leads me briefly into the basement of the tower. There guests will find a sufficient selection of different drinks, such as wine, beer or juices, homemade jam and honey from the local beekeeping.

Relax with a view of the countryside

I take my book, sit down on the window sill of the Gothic-style window and enjoy my travel reading to the sound of birdsong. I'm relaxing.

After a while I grab my dog ​​Greg and explore the area. The tower is located in the green of the Kurpark on the Nesselberg. I walk across a large meadow to the barefoot path and herb garden and sit down on a park bench. Greg also enjoys the smell of herbs and the tranquility of nature.

Goods at the Müritz

Our path leads us to a nearby bathing spot, which is of course ideal for the summer. With a deep breath, I let my gaze wander over the Müritz and my everyday thoughts rest at least for a short moment. Greg curiously discovers a family of geese, so I decide to go home to the holiday apartment.

Accommodation with dog at the Müritz
Forest walk through goods

Listen to the crackling of the fireplace

In the evening I cook in the fully equipped kitchen, drink a cup of tea, listen to a podcast and sit in front of the fireplace. I cover myself and listen to the crackling of the wood. After the fire has gone out after a while, I lie down on the bed and fall asleep.

The next morning the sun wakes me up and I get up in a good mood and relaxed. I sit outside on my own terrace with a coffee and really slowly wake up.

Hiking in the Mecklenburg Lake District

For today I plan a nice and easy 8 km hike around the Feisnecksee. The hike was recommended to me by Steffen when I arrived. With Greg on the leash, I start my tour early in the morning and hit the road. The tour is very good because it starts and ends at the apartment. Past another bathing spot, the path leads me through the national park with a great landscape. The last piece even through the forest. I take a short break at a viewing platform before Greg and I continue.

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Hiking at the Müritz in Waren
The region really has a lot to offer in terms of activities. Many lakes in the immediate vicinity of the tower, the Müritz and the Feisneck, the city of Waren, the Müritzhof, day trips to Güstrow or Rostock, and much more. In the afternoon I try a delicious ice cream and stroll through the city of Waren before falling into bed early in the evening.
Holidays in the Mecklenburg Lake District

Vacation at the Mecklenburg Lake District

For me it's back to Berlin. Relaxed and rested, I pack up the last parts and say goodbye to my short holiday in the fairytale forest. One thing is clear, I will definitely go on vacation in the Mecklenburg Lake District again, especially with a dog and with a passion for hiking and as a nature lover, I really liked it. So I'm going home happy.


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Photos: Stephan Dicks, Jan Kulke

As a freelancer, Jule selects the wonderful accommodations for us and reports on her Good Travel stays. As a conscious traveler and graduate in sustainable tourism, the impact of tourism, especially from an ecological and social point of view, is very important to her.


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