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Parkhotel Holzner

A refuge for young and old in the mountains

Located at a total of 1.200 meters above sea level and high up on the mountain, the is enthroned Parkhotel Holzner and offers a wonderful view of the expanse, of the lush green of the surrounding pastures and forests, of gentle hills and rugged peaks alike. When the light of the morning sun also falls through the high lattice windows of the house, you can imagine that you are surrounded by a very special atmosphere.

Refuge in the mountains
Refuge for young and old
Frontal view of the Parkhotel Holzner
Parkhotel Holzner with pool

A family tradition of hospitality and vision 

The mountain refuge, built in the Alpine Art Nouveau style in 1908, is now run by the fourth generation of Monika and Wolfgang Holzner. With young ideas and fresh concepts, the two took over the house from Wolfgang's parents 13 years ago and have since proven that tradition and future-oriented action are not mutually exclusive. Rather, both approaches complement and enrich each other almost in a symbiotic way.
Hosts with tradition: Maria and Hans Holzner in 1908
Today's hosts: Monika and Wolfgang Holzner

Contemporary architecture meets historical structure

In recent years, the house has been lovingly and considerately renovated again and again and recently equipped with sustainable extensions. The collaboration with the architect duo BergmeisterWolf proved to be a stroke of luck for everyone involved. The historic building with timeless aesthetics was always the focus of the expansion and special attention was paid to preserving as much of the beautiful old trees as possible. The result is a hotel that can meet the modern needs of all generations of a family while still retaining its original charm.

“With every decision that we make for our house, be it small or large, the main question for us is whether we add value not only for our guests and ourselves as entrepreneurs, but also for our children, successors and the create nature around us. That doesn't always make it easier, but it makes it meaningful, sustainable and therefore fulfilling for us as hosts. ”- Monika Holzner



Modern design meets old tradition
Minimalist architecture
Modern design in the Parkhotel Holzner

As a founding member of the “Family Hotels South Tyrol” group, Wolfgang's parents laid the foundation stone for the hotel's family-friendly approach back in the 90s. In the Holzner family vacation does not mean vacation from each other, the focus is rather on offering unforgettable experiences for the whole family, where all members of the family can enjoy relaxation, joy and community alike. Hospitality flutters here, accompanied by children's laughter and true to the motto "Children don't bring unrest, they bring life into the house" from room to room, through historical salons as well as from flowerbeds to sunbathing lawns in the large park, through the relaxing, unexcited Liberty Spa until the end splashing loudly to the infinity pool.

infinity pool
Family hotel


Enjoy with a clear conscience

With the opening of the wellness area, the hosts took a critical look at the conventional heating of the house and finally decided to switch to renewable energies. By building their own bio-heating plant, the hosts have been ensuring that all pools, the hotel and the Holzner family's private home are supplied with clean energy since 2008. This is how it is enjoyed with a pure heart at the Parkhotel Holzner at any time of the year.

Slow Travel and Shared Hikes

The next season should now start with a new summer freshness, with the main focus being on authentic hiking experiences. The hosts are convinced that you can experience the secret corners and special views even more intensively with a local hiking guide. Since this year there has been a Rittner hiking guide who accompanies guests on hikes twice a week.

With the gondola up the mountain

A culinary walk through the region

Thanks to the gourmet half-board, you can enjoy the regional specialties of the season when you return to the Parkhotel. Wherever possible, ingredients from producers and suppliers in the region are used in the new traditional kitchen and processed into delicious dishes. Untroubled holiday enjoyment and responsibility for nature and the environment also go together seamlessly here and round off the holistic concept of the house in a completely successful way.

Slow Food
Dining room Parkhotel Holzner
Family hotel park hotel

Photos: Wolf Bergmeister, Frieder Blickle, Armin-Mayr, Hannes-Niederkofler


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