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Jule by the sea

Relaxed time out on the Baltic Sea beach

In order to escape the big city of Berlin a bit, I decided to take a relaxing break and go to the Baltic Sea for a few days Stranddorf Augustenhof. I'm taking my friend and our young dog Greg with me. After a three-hour drive from Berlin, I was rewarded with the sentence: "I see the sea". The road to the beach village takes us across large open spaces and I marvel at a small herd of deer. I arrive and meet the hostess Lynna. She warmly welcomes us and takes us on a little tour through the ecological holiday village.

View from the terrace of the Augustenhof beach village
Here you can rent bikes
The grassy cottages

At first glance, the 30 buildings on the Baltic Sea beach are reminiscent of small Swedish houses. With their grass roof and natural larch planking, they blend naturally into the extensive coastal landscape. The Bollmann couple wanted to turn the Stranddorf into a model project in which new ecological techniques in the areas of building materials, alternative energy and waste water could be tested and presented.

We reach our holiday home "Wiesenpieper". Lynna unlocks the door and we enter the bright and cozy house.

view inside the house

Take off your shoes, throw your travel bag in the corner and just relax

In the holiday homes you will find everything you need for a relaxing holiday. First I take my book and sit down on the sunny terrace, pour myself a warm cup of tea, relax with a view of a large green meadow and listen to the sound of the sea. Arrive. I could sit here for hours and enjoy my free time. When it gets colder, I go in and sit in front of the warm fireplace or sweat it out at 60 degrees in the holiday village's sauna house.

Jule enjoys the view on the terrace

Enjoy fresh sea air

The sea really is right outside the door. I grab my rubber boots, Greg, the tow line and walk briskly along the dyke until I can hardly believe the fantastic view over the deserted beach and the rough sea. The wind carries the seagulls through the air and the seagrass gently bends. Not a soul, no cars, just Greg and me. That feels good. I sit down on the sand, close my eyes and linger for a moment. I have rarely seen the beach so empty. And that's what makes the place so special to me. In the Augustenhof holiday village you can Baltic Sea still far away from mass tourism, even in high season, I've been told.

The unbelievable expanse of the Baltic Sea beach
pleasant walk on the beach

be offline

I sit down at the large dining table with my boyfriend, enjoy the food and the absolute peace and quiet, without any city noise. The holiday homes do not have WiFi (only available in the community house), so we spend the evening offline and enjoy the time together in pure comfort. Late in the evening I walk along the beach again with Greg. The beach is dark and I admire the stars for a short time, but then fall into bed tired and deeply relaxed.


we enjoy dinner
Evening walk with Greg

Go with the flow

The smell of fresh rolls and brewed coffee lures me into the living area in the morning. The daily bread roll service means that fresh rolls are available to order, and the day before we stocked up on delicious juices, fruit and vegetables in the small organic shop in the community center. Everything is there, what you need for a stay in the holiday village. The special thing here is that every guest writes what they have bought in a small booklet, without any cash. You will be billed at the end of your vacation.


In the beach village shop you can stock up on delicious groceries

Jogging on the dike freshly strengthened

After breakfast I enjoy the endless straight path on the dyke and jog a few kilometers. Also there is the possibility of bicycles for Children and adults to borrow at the Stranddorf. My way drives me to the nearby, small town of Dahme. A small Baltic Sea resort, which is currently still preparing for summer. The location on the Bay of Lübeck is definitely suitable for further excursions: walks along the natural site, bike tours through eastern Holstein Switzerland, the Hansapark or the Graswarder bird sanctuary. Swimming, of course, if the weather cooperates.

Germany has really great corners

Staying in the Stranddorf Augustenhof is very special. I have never holidayed on a German coast before and I definitely recommend it. The Stranddorf is perfect for families with children or a dog. Here you can really unwind, enjoy the beach and nature in wind and weather and spend time together. Too seldom do we take the time at home for a book, a warm cup of tea in the sun or a long walk through nature. I return fully recovered and relaxed to the big city of Berlin, unpack my bags and find a little sand in my rubber boots.

What a nice short break.

The sea breeze comes towards you

As a freelancer, Jule selects the wonderful accommodations for us and reports on her Good Travel stays. As a conscious traveler and graduate in sustainable tourism, the impact of tourism, especially from an ecological and social point of view, is very important to her.


  • Ulla

    I can confirm that the location and the facilities leave nothing to be desired, but you have to book extremely early for the high season and of course only families are there then.


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