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tips for a great time in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz

The Ostseebad Binz on the island of Rügen is not only the largest seaside resort on the island, but also has a wide range of cultural and event options to offer. So it doesn't get boring so quickly here. The traditional town is also easy to reach by train: You need a good 4,5 hours from Berlin or Hamburg before you can put your feet in the fine sandy beach. This is ideal to achieve if you are planning a short break.

Cycle along the banks to the Rügen Natural Heritage Center with the treetop path

In addition to the five-kilometer-long sandy beach, Binz also scores with a beautiful natural landscape that can be experienced, for example, from the Rügen Natural Heritage Center. The center is located in Prora, the northernmost part of Binz, and just arriving by bike along the shore gives an idea of ​​what a beautiful natural landscape you are surrounded by.

In the Natural Heritage Center is the Treetop Walk Prora, which takes visitors high above the treetops into the special natural landscape. There are also interactive exhibitions to discover and guided tours are offered that provide more information on the surrounding ecosystems.

Walk from the hunting lodge through the Granitz Forest to the Devil's Gorge

If you can't get enough of panoramic views, you should definitely do that too Granitz Hunting Lodge visit. The extravagant central tower at a height of 38 meters offers a wonderful view over the island to Binz Bay. Afterwards it is recommended to take a walk through the Granitz Forest to the Devil's Gorge. A pretty stone beach awaits you here at the end, where you can relax and listen to the sound of the sea.

Visit the Granitz hunting lodge
Hike along the high bank path to the Devil's Gorge

Enjoy the finest starred food in menu form in the freustil

After so much activity in the fresh, salt-scented air, it is worth stopping at the "freestyle“Where you can enjoy the finest star-rated food. Seasonal dishes are served in the gourmet restaurant - vegetarian options are also available on request. Usually you enjoy six or more courses here, but at lunchtime from 12 noon to 15 p.m. there are also lunch menus with two courses for a small thaler.

From freustil you don't have to go far to the pier afterwards, from where you can watch a wonderful sunset. Then the setting sun bathes the sky on the horizon in an almost kitschy sunset - definitely one of the favorite spots on Binz!

Delicious dining in the Freustil in Binz
The finest gourmet cuisine can be enjoyed in freustil
Marvel at the sunset from the Binz pier

Sustainable overnight stays at Villa Hygge

If you can't wait to explore the pretty seaside resort of Binz on your own and are wondering where it's worth to stay overnight, you should Villa Hygge pay a visit. In the splendid villa from 1920, you can find not only cozy, but also sustainable accommodation.

Sustainable overnight stay in Villa Hygge
Get a good night's sleep after an eventful day
Enjoy your first morning coffee in the winter garden of Villa Hygge

The villa with a total of three holiday accommodations offers space for up to four people (plus dog) and is located about 15 minutes' walk from the beach at the beginning of a small hill called the Klünderberg. The hosts are also happy to share their favorite tips in and around Binz with their guests. So it's ideal for everyone who can't get enough of the picturesque Baltic Sea resort.

Photo credits: Charlott Tornow

Charlott from Reisevergnügen was our guest at Villa Hygge. You can find her entire travel report here to read.

More information about Villa Hygge can be found here.

Lisa helped set up the Good Travel Blog and will write for us as a freelance author in the future. She is passionate about traveling and dancing around the world with a small ecological footprint.


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    Interesting article about a sustainable vacation in Binz. It's really nice that you can also book a guided tour of the treetop path, where you can learn more about the ecosystem there. I would also like to travel more consciously in the future, so I can well imagine booking a hotel there and spending my vacation days.


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