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Tiny House concept: five places to get to know each other

The so-called Tiny house movement advertises life in small houses and sees itself as a protest movement on increasing material prosperity. Because, like cars, homes are increasingly being viewed as a status symbol, with the following rule: the bigger, the better. Newly built single-family homes have increased in size in some industrialized nations, although the number of people living in the household has generally decreased. In the USA alone, the average living space grew from 165 square meters in 1978 to an incredible 230 square meters in 2007.

Vacation in a tiny house: just try out life in a small space

In contrast, there are the tiny houses with a size of mostly 15 to 45 square meters, which are enjoying increasing popularity and which are now available in many different designs. From expanded shepherds' wagons to self-sufficient houses: those who want can try out and get to know living more and more often on their own vacation; like in these five places.


1. Time out in the mountains, Styria, Austria

Anyone looking for a "Auszeit in den Bergen“Is, should go to the Tiny House of the accommodation of the same name. Located in green Styria, you can see the mountains of the Schladminger Tauern to the south and the magnificent mountain panorama of the Dachstein massif to the north. The area invites you to various activities in the beautiful nature: Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, climbing, hiking to mountain lakes and waterfalls, mountain biking and golfing - athletes and nature lovers will definitely not be disappointed here.

Experience living for two in a new way: in a small space and in the middle of nature

Then you can make yourself comfortable on the 18 square meters of the tiny house and try out living in a small space for two. If you want to cook something yourself, you don't have to forego any comfort, because the kitchen is very well equipped with a kettle, toaster, induction hob, mini oven and “cooking bag” for sustainable cooking. The specially prepared delicacies can then be eaten either in the bright bay window at the small dining table with comfortable upholstered chairs or on the beautiful sun terrace. If you don't feel like self-sufficiency, you can also book breakfast or dinner if you wish.

Incidentally, a real tiled stove provides cozy warmth even in winter and creates a cozy atmosphere that can be enjoyed above all from the cozy bunk. From here there is a great view of the mountains and if you are lucky you might even see a deer or a stag walking past the window from time to time.

A break in the mountains in a tiny house
Located in the middle of a beautiful mountain landscape

Double rooms from 94 euros per night

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2. Art Lodge, Carinthia, Austria

Located on a former Rohrerhof in the midst of a picturesque mountain backdrop, there are the four lumberjack huts of the "art lodge". The micro-houses were built according to the cradle-to-cradle principle and have been welcoming guests from all over the world since 2017. The houses are made from 100 percent recyclable materials and have a larch wood terrace from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the mountain landscape.

Environmentally friendly micro-houses with green roofs

With their natural wooden facades and green roofs, the tiny houses fit harmoniously into the landscape and the interior fittings also meet high ecological standards. In addition, the hosts used point foundations during construction so that there is only minimal intervention in the ground and the houses can be dismantled again at any time.

The host couple's steadily growing art collection also found a home in the “art lodge”. The 70.000 square meter Alm that belongs to the farm is artistically designed and there are always new sculptures to discover. The combination of art, nature and tranquility make the "art lodge" a place with a very special atmosphere. If you just want to relax or find new inspiration, this is the right place for you.

The Art Lodge from above
Try out life in a small space in the tiny houses of the art lodge

Cottage from 102 euros per night

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3. Tiny Escape, Northern Germany, Germany

City-plagued people can look at "tiny escape“Treat yourself to a break not far from Hamburg. The mini-house jacked up on a trailer sees itself as a medium to experience the surrounding nature. Right on the edge of the field and only 50 meters from the small river Eider, you can quickly forget the stress of everyday life here.

Generous window fronts bring the outside in

Through the panorama window and two other floor-to-ceiling windows in the kitchen, the house is flooded with sunlight and the green of the surroundings shimmers into the house in many places. From the spacious skylights in the dormitory you can watch the clouds pass by and watch the swaying treetops. At night you can again enjoy a pretty view of the sparkling starry sky. But don't worry: the Tiny House also offers areas in which you can withdraw and in which you don't feel so exposed due to the large glass fronts.

In the colder half of the year, the Hobbit wood-burning stove creates a pleasant atmosphere, provides sufficient warmth and bathes the house in a golden light. It is best to leave your cell phone and other electronic devices at home and treat yourself to a digital detox in the midst of this wonderful environment. In any case, the beautiful nature around it, with miles of hiking and cycling trails, invites you to do so.

Tiny Escape in the Tiny House near Hamburg
In the evening you can look into the twinkling starry sky

Whole house from 109 euros per night

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4. Quinta do Catalao, Algarve, Portugal

Far away from mass tourism, the Portuguese farm "Quinta da Catalao“We encourage travelers to leave everyday life behind and instead enjoy the peace and quiet and nature. There are various small huts, shepherds' wagons and a tiny house with a breathtaking view where you can spend the night comfortably.

Wabi Sabi: Discovering the beauty in imperfection

The tiny house consists mainly of recycled materials and was furnished according to the “Wabi Sabi” principle. This concept of Japanese aesthetics sees the beauty of imperfection and, in its basic idea, allows asymmetry and naturalness in your own four walls in order to find an inner harmony and ideal balance for yourself. There are also various places of retreat on the spacious farm, such as hammocks under shady trees, where you can relax and relax and invite you to enjoy harmonious hours. If you want to experience more, you can take day trips to the beautiful surroundings of the Algarve.

In the evening, however, you should be back, because then you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the setting sun from your own terrace. Then you can end the day in a relaxed way, for example by barbecuing with other guests or with a freshly baked pizza from the pizza oven.

Sleep in the converted shepherd's wagon
The shepherd's wagon from the outside

Tiny House from 85 euros per night

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5. Destinature, Lower Saxony, Germany

The "destination“The village is located on a former garden plot in the middle of the Lower Saxony Elbe Valley Biosphere Reserve, not far from the Elbe. There are small overnight huts and mobile covered beds as well as an organic bistro and a sustainable sanitary building. Old trees and large bushes enliven the area as well as the various fruit trees, from which you can harvest abundantly in late summer.

Spend the night in WERKHAUS-style huts and mobile micro-huts

The huts were built and furnished in the WERKHAUS style and are made of wood from sustainable forestry. Organic-certified textiles and high-tech mattresses with eco-wool casseroles ensure a restful night's sleep and a pleasant room climate. Another highlight are the mobile micro-huts, which are, so to speak, a bed to go and raise the concept of minimalist living to a new level. Here you sleep in the open air protected from insects and can be tickled by the sun. If you like it more shady, you can simply move the mobile beds into the desired position.

In the organic bistro, high-quality, regional organic food and drinks are for sale. There is breakfast, salad and snacks as well as a vegan and gluten-free menu. On the terrace you can meet like-minded guests who you can optionally meet again in the evening - for example at the fireplace. If you want to take it easy, you can meanwhile enjoy a round of outdoor wellness: an outdoor shower, saunas and bath tubs provide the necessary relaxation after a long day in the nature of the biosphere reserve.

Bird's eye view of Destinature Village
A hut from above

Cottage from 70 euros per night

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