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Eat delicious and sustainable food around Berlin

Opener sustainable restaurants

There are now countless cafés and restaurants in Berlin that pay attention to sustainability when choosing their food and drinks. They get their products mainly from the region and it is not uncommon to find products from farms and farmers in Brandenburg in the city. But what does it actually look like in the Berlin area and where exactly can you eat well and sustainably in Brandenburg and the surrounding area? We would like to take you on a trip to court cafes, country inns and restaurants around Berlin and introduce you to ten places where you can eat well and freshly.

1. INSL Kyritz, Kyritz

You drive about an hour's drive from Berlin before you reach the beautiful town of Kyritz. There is a real island here that is completely surrounded by water. Can only be reached with the small water taxi "Columbus". There is the INSL Kyritz - a place to relax, enjoy, splash around, paddle, relax and, of course, feast. The small menu includes regional and fresh dishes. In addition to the popular, homemade burgers made from organic meat, there is a delicious selection of changing soups and tarte flambée. The vegetables and the ingredients for the delicious wild herb salads come from the neighboring organic farmer. In addition, there are seasonal daily specials that change and are lovingly created.

Open Wednesday - Sunday

Seestrasse 118, 16866 Kyritz

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Photo credits: INSL Kyritz (also opener picture), Judith Hehl

Eat delicious on the island
A place to relax, enjoy, splash around, paddle, relax and of course feast

2. Green Oasis, Holy Sepulcher

The motto “stay a while” is used in the excursion restaurant Green oasis very happy to be serious. Here, in the midst of a blooming garden landscape in the northwest of Brandenburg, you can feast and relax in the middle of nature. Opened as a café in 2007, fresh regional and international dishes are now served alongside coffee and cake. Dishes for vegetarians, vegans, allergy sufferers and diabetics are prepared with just as much passion as extraordinary international dishes. The ingredients come from the region, are prepared according to the season or sometimes even come from our own production.

Open daily in the summer months (May - September)

Dorfstrasse 20, 16909 Heiligengrabe

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Photo credits: Green oasis

The excursion restaurant Green Oasis

3. Forester's House Strelitz, Neustrelitz

The taste of forest and meadow can be discovered in idyllic Neustrelitz, which is surrounded by numerous lakes: Im Forest house Strelitz the farm-to-table philosophy is used. In other words, the ingredients land directly on the plate from the vegetable patch. It tastes better, more intense and nowhere else is the food fresher. Bread and buckwheat buns are baked here and the rapeseed honey wine vinegar is made with honey from their own bees. Particularly nice: while eating, you can watch the animals grazing behind the house.

Open Wednesday / Thursday - Sunday (summer / winter months)

Berliner Chaussee 1, 17235 Neustrelitz

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Photo credits: Forsthaus Strelitz

Feast sustainably in the Forsthaus Strelitz

4. Café & Bistro GUTess, Boltenhof

The café & bistro GOOD on the beautiful Good Boltenhof obtains their goods from selected regional suppliers and prepares them with a lot of love for the guests. The selection on the menu is small but fine, and there are also fresh dishes of the day during the holidays. In addition to the delicious meat dishes, the meat of which comes from the farm's cattle, pigs and geese, there are also vegetarian and vegan dishes. In the farm shop of the old manor house you can buy the estate's regional and homemade products and enjoy them at home.

Open Wednesday and Friday - Sunday and bank holidays

Lindenallee 14, 16798 Boltenhof

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Photo credits: Gut Boltenhof

Eat well in the GUTess at Gut Boltenhof

5. Mill Restaurant at Mühle Tornow, Fürstenberg/Havel

The is located idyllically on the Mühlenfließ behind water lilies and reeds Mill Tornow with your Mills Restaurant. In addition to international dishes, Brandenburg specialties are also served here. The kitchen team attaches particular importance to the processing of fresh products from the surrounding area and so you can find fresh pikeperch from the Havel and meadow cattle from Bergsdorf on the menu. In addition, there are sufficient vegetarian and vegan dishes and food intolerances are also gladly discussed.

Open daily in summer, in winter Tuesday - Sunday

Neue Strasse 1, 16798 Fürstenberg

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Photo credits: Mühle Tornow

The mill restaurant at Mühle Tornow serves delicious regional dishes

6. Hof Kokurin, Northwest Uckermark

The is located directly on Lake Naugarten Kokurin courtyard in the middle of the Uckermärkische Seen nature park. Surrounded by meadows and forests, water and fields and far away from everyday life, you can treat yourself to something special in the beautiful country inn. The cooking is fresh and regional, a lot comes straight from the large wood-burning oven. Here you can spend a few pleasant hours with family or friends. And while small palates can enjoy the homemade fish fingers, the big ones can treat themselves to seasonal classics such as white asparagus and red rhubarb for dessert.

Open Wednesday - Sunday

Dorfstrasse 32, 17291 Nordwestuckermark

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Photo credits: Hof Kokurin

Fresh bread from the wood-fired oven at Kokurin farm

7. Small country kitchen in eco-village Brodowin, Chorin

The ecovillage Brodowin northeast of Berlin is a Demeter farm through and through. You can find out exactly what that means on one of the factory tours that are offered in the summer months. The first port of call is the farm shop, which is located right next to the foam dairy. You can also find them here small country kitchen, which serves dishes for large and small appetites all year round. You always pay attention to the Brodowiner freshness principle: harvested in the morning, in the shop at lunchtime! How nice that you can also buy the numerous ingredients right away in the farm shop: from fresh vegetables from the farm's own nursery to dairy products from the dairy to salami, oil, honey, grain and juice - also from our own production, of course. So you can take the taste of Brodowin home with you.

Open daily

Brodowiner Dorfstrasse 89, 16230 Chorin

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Photo credits: Brodowin Ecovillage

The small country kitchen of the Brodowin eco-village serves dishes for large and small appetites

8th class Monday, Luckenwalde

The culture café KlassMo Luckenwalde has a lot to offer. While all sorts of coffee varieties are conjured up from the glowing red coffee machine, which you can also drink with soy, almond or lactose-free milk, others enjoy the fine wines of the house winemaker, who brings his treasures from Rheinhessen personally. The food in the KlassMo also tastes good, leaving nothing to be desired. No matter if flexitarians, vegetarians or vegans - everyone will be satisfied and find something. When it comes to ingredients, we always pay attention to quality, freshness and sustainability.

Open Thursday - Sunday

Potsdamer Strasse 2, 14943 Luckenwalde

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Photo credits: KlassMo

In addition to cake and coffee, there is also culture to be experienced in the KlassMo

9. Fliederhof Syring, Michendorf

Auf dem Lilac farm Syring Great emphasis is placed on freshness - from the individual ingredients to the flowers on the table - only the best is served here. This includes selected natural products from the region such as Beelitz asparagus or fresh fish from Blankensee, which is carefully prepared, and homemade items such as bread, jam, juice and pesto. Natural Brandenburg cuisine is served with seasonal specialties. And the little ones have also been thought of. After you have decided on a dish from the lovingly designed children's menu, you can romp around wonderfully in the courtyard garden.

Open Wednesday - Sunday

Stücker Dorfstrasse 21, 14552 Michendorf

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Photo credits: Fliederhof Syring

The kitchen of the Fliederhof Syring serves Brandenburg country house cuisine

10. Cafe Rosenberg, Potsdam

The  Cafe Rosenberg cooks and bakes fresh every day with seasonal ingredients. And so you can enjoy sweet and hearty as well as liquid and solid here. Delicious biscuits and cakes or fresh soups and salads to pasta and sandwiches. Always vegan. This makes the Rosenberg the first vegan café in Potsdam. As a guest, you can watch from the comfortable sofas how the dishes are prepared with care, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Open daily

Dortustrasse 15, 14467 Potsdam

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Photo credits: Café Rosenberg

Café Rosenberg is the first vegan café in Potsdam
Here you can enjoy delicious cakes, among other things

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