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sustainably somewhere else: Episode 2 – Sustainable mobility

Episode two of our travel podcast is about the topic of sustainable mobility. Hermann Weiss from Naturtrip is a guest.

What climate footprint do we leave behind when we fly, drive, cycle or sail on holiday? In this episode of “sustainably somewhere else” our podcast host Ina plays through these scenarios for you. However: Arrival and departure are only half the battle. The way we move towards the destination of our dreams also plays a role. That's why Ina talks to Hermann Weiss. He's always thought that you usually need a car to get to great outdoor destinations easily. Instead of despairing, he invented a nature trip. You can find out what this is and how Nature Trip can help you plan climate-friendly trips without a car in our podcast and on the website Nature trip

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Ina is a digital nomad and travels through Europe by land and sea. The journalist is always on the lookout for special places for Good Travel, philosophizes about travel in her column, takes photographs, makes music and writes articles on all kinds of environmental and sustainability topics.


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