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Ina WO(A)NDERS: About podcasting

In our new podcast “sustainably somewhere else” our Good Travel author Ina does what she loves to do best: philosophize about sustainable travel and ask exciting people questions. The results are now available every Tuesday on the ears. In this blog article she explains how this came about, what Corona has to do with our jingle, and why podcasting while traveling isn't as easy as she thought.

“Yip, a podcast!” I cheered enthusiastically after the editorial meeting. I felt this tingling of anticipation inside me that had been a bit lacking lately. I love my job as a traveling journalist and blogger. I love delving into a new topic. Finding out everything about it, asking people about it, sorting through what I've learned and finally bringing it to life in my own words. But deep in my heart, I'm not just the one sitting at the desk concentrating. But also: a public figure who loves to entertain.

Sustainably somewhere else

I love to entertain

When I was 14, I was on a big stage for the first time in my life with my brother's cover band. And although at first I was pretty sure that I wouldn't make a sound out of excitement, what happened instead was what I only knew from hearsay. After the first guitar sounds, the nervousness suddenly disappeared. And I rocked the stage with an energy I didn't know I had inside me. Since then, my life has turned 180 degrees several times. The music and the love for the stage and the audience have remained. In high school I sang in a student band, and during my studies I earned my living with light music. Later I wrote my own lyrics and at some point combined music with elements from theater and comedy. The ramp pig in me was happy – until I became a full-time vagabond.

Ina somewhere else

A travel podcast: a stage for on the go?

Since I've been traveling the world day in and day out by land and water, I've regularly run out of musicians. Out of necessity, I taught myself to play the guitar and have been playing music occasionally in cafés, bars and on the street ever since. Not often enough, the ramp pig keeps whispering to me. That's why she was immediately hooked when it came to hosting a podcast for Good Travel. Podcasting – that sounded like a kind of mini stage to me. Where I was able to live out my passion for sustainable travel acoustically and also chat with incredibly exciting people. A stage that I would always have in my pocket - no matter where and how I was traveling. That's the plan.

Ina on the sailboat

A podcast journey with stumbling blocks

And so I threw myself into conceptualizing. The entire Good Travel team is well connected in the world of sustainable travel. That's why it was easy to find exciting conversation partners who were interested in taking part in the podcast. And the technology? Oh, that would be fine, it can't be that difficult. Since I found it contradictory to buy a lot of new equipment for a sustainable travel podcast, I decided to work with what I already had. However, my once high-quality recording device let me down during the first interview. It had suffered from the high humidity on board in recent years. The recording sounded like it was out of this world. No problem, there was still my good vocal microphone, which I could connect directly to the computer via my old mini interface. If the interface hadn't broken during the second recording. Technical glitch after technical glitch followed and I improvised as best I could. And many a time I cursed my vagabond existence. How easy would it be if I were now sitting in Germany with a fixed address and could order exactly what I needed? Two laptops, three cables, many bus rides, a new interface and a pop filter later, the ramp pig in me had long since curled up, bored. She's used to handing over technology to a cool guy with a ponytail who turns some knobs and makes everything work and sound great.

Technology for podcasts

Of leaf blowers, rattle storks and storms

Once the concept and recording technology were in place, I started recording the episodes. And here too I reached my limits. When I met with Hermann von Nature trip After I arranged a Zoom interview and converted my van into a recording studio, someone outside started blasting my parking space with a leaf blower. The only thing that helped was: dismantle the recording studio, stow everything away ready to go, look for a new parking space, rebuild the recording studio - and hope that Hermann still has time. When editing the interview with my colleague Franziska, I had to spend a lot of time cutting out the clattering of a stork, who apparently didn't agree with me parking my van under his tree. And I had to postpone the conversation with my colleague Geraldine countless times because it was either too windy on the sailboat and therefore far too loud - or because the technology failed me again.


A recycled podcast jingle

Finding a podcast jingle was easier. I initially spent a while browsing through various free and paid jingles online. None of it appealed, it all sounded like you'd heard it a hundred times before. While I was crying to my brother (the one with the cover band) about my many technical problems, I mentioned in an aside that I was also missing a jingle. “Hmm, maybe I have something,” he said and began to search his smartphone. In spring 2020 he composed a song while in Corona isolation. Today, four years later, we have recycled this song - and use it to begin and end our Good Travel Podcast.

A podcast doesn’t make itself – thank you very much!

In the end, my first podcast journey wasn't all that different from my previous journeys. Full of ups and downs, full of anticipation and fun and peppered with some reality crashes. She showed me what I can do well, what I can't do so well, and what I can still learn. And how nice it is to be able to create something that you've never done before with the help of great people. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank you very much.

With Franziska Diallo and Judith Hehl for the inspiring GO for “Sustainable somewhere else”. With Geraldine Voss for a great podcast episode about enjoying with a clear conscience and lots of support. Jule Weidner for her answers to the question of how we can support local projects on the go and thus achieve a real impact. With Hermann Weiss from Nature trip for his input on the topic of sustainable mobility on vacation. With Magdalena Rungaldier from MAp Boutique Consultancy for an interesting interview about what screws accommodation operators can turn to make their business greener, more sustainable and fairer. With Hannah Weber from Good jobs, Bianca Kriel by Good News and Sven Sedivy from Beautiful corners podcast for invaluable tips and tricks about podcasting. At Max von der Quinta do Catalao for his technical support and his belief that I can do something like this. And last but not least to my brother Stefan for his great Corona jingle.

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Ina is a digital nomad and travels through Europe by land and sea. The journalist is always on the lookout for special places for Good Travel, philosophizes about travel in her column, takes photographs, makes music and writes articles on all kinds of environmental and sustainability topics.


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