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Sustainable idea for Christmas

10 sustainable gift ideas for Christmas

“January, February, March, April, the clock of the year never stops…”

The festive season is approaching again, and with it the question of how we can make our loved ones happy without putting a strain on our planet. Giving with a positive impact – is that even possible?

We present you 10 gift ideas that will not only warm the heart, but also the conscience:


1. Water filter from LifeStraw


When we get the urge to travel again, we like to go into the forest, up into the mountains, away from civilization, always chasing adventure. Clean drinking water is essential for any active program. The LifeStraw Go Series offers a tasteful drinking water option for on the go thanks to the 2-stage filter, which also offers the highest level of protection against unsafe water.

Your impact when purchasing a LifeStraw product:

LifeStraw's products are certified carbon neutral, minimizing our environmental impact, from product to packaging. Additionally, every LifeStraw product sold provides a child in need with access to clean water for a year. LifeStraw has also been a partner in the fight to eradicate Guinea worm for 25 years and actively responds to emergencies around the world.



2. cook, eat, sleep - sustainable cookbook

Good places for good people

Our Good travel Hosts have told us their favorite recipes, which are presented on 120 pages in a tasty way that you can cook with. Four food concepts are also presented that deal with the responsible use of food, such as the nose-to-tail principle, in which all parts of an animal are used, or the farm-to-table concept, in which the Ingredients fresh from your own garden end up on your plate.

Your impact when buying the cookbook:

Good Travel donates 1 euro per copy sold to the Kinderglück Foundation and would like to specifically support the holiday sponsorships. Because Good Travel also believes that travel should not be a luxury! The Kinderglück Foundation, founded by Susanne and Bernd Krispin, supports children and young people in a wide variety of ways. They can enable around 500 day trips and vacation stays per year: to lakes, in the mountains or even to a finca on Mallorca. The stays bring an adventurous change to the everyday life of the children and young people - they get to know others, but above all nature and new cultures.



3. Good PlaceS for Good People – 50 truly sustainable destinations in Europe

Good places for good people

Sustainability when traveling is now expected just as much as unique experiences and relaxation. The inspirational illustrated book Good Places for Good People presents 50 accommodations and destinations in Europe that meet current environmental standards and ensure an enjoyable and stylish break in every price category.

Your impact when purchasing:

Whether city hotel or tree house, wellness resort or farm: the hosts of these hand-picked places are committed to the careful use of resources, cook fresh and regional food and are committed to nature and the people in their region. It's the perfect gift for anyone looking to broaden their horizons and find inspiration for their next trip, while minimizing their environmental footprint.

Soulspice collection

If you have recipes, you will of course also need the right spices for cooking. Soulspice offers gourmets and culinary artists a selection of fair and high-quality spices that enrich every kitchen. The Soulspice spice collection takes you on a journey for the senses, to Paris and Morocco via India to Vietnam, and much further.

Your impact when purchasing the Soulspice collection:

The Soul Spice spices are not only a pleasure for the palate, but also support fair working conditions and sustainable cultivation. As a social enterprise, Soul Spice shares profits with all partners in the value chain and works with partners who protect the environment and conserve resources. With every purchase of Soul Spice spices, a donation goes to Tafel Bad Tölz.


“Touch me like you are lava rolling over my landscapes,” “Touch me as if to leave a message for someone else on my skin,” “Touch me as if I were written in Braille and you read me blindly.”

These are three of 67 touch impulses from the card game Touchcards. Playful, poetic and surprising impulses allow players to step out of old patterns and rediscover touch. Of course, the players themselves decide how, when and where they touch. It's not about winning, but about getting in touch, exchanging ideas and enjoying touch. You can play as a couple or as a group, platonically or not, with friends or partners.

Your impact when buying touchcards:

Touch relaxes the nervous system, brings us into direct contact with our loved ones and is still fraught with many taboos in our society. Touchcards explores touch as something normal and wonderfully human. Players begin to develop their own language of touch in a very straightforward manner and to explore their wishes and boundaries in a respectful and playful way.


You can buy touchcards here


6. Plastic-free "All-in-One" Body care set

Plastic-free all-in-one set beeswax

For everyone who would like to start the new year with shiny, soft skin, want to counteract the fresh winter wind, or are simply looking for plastic-free cosmetics.

The plastic-free all-in-one care set is perfect for your daily care from head to toe, without any plastic. With products such as the organic aloe vera gel “Kühles Köpfchen”, the “Golddimple” facial oil, the “Best Buddy” body butter and much more, this set offers comprehensive, sustainable body care.

Your impact when purchasing the “all-in-one” care set.

4 people who care use raw materials from reliable sources and exclusively natural ingredients from organic farming for their products. The sets are produced by hand in Germany and arrive at you without any plastic in production or packaging.

In addition, every product sold is reinvested in nature, with 4 people who care planting flowering meadows through collaborations with beekeepers and farmers. This way you not only protect your skin, but also our bees and insects.




7. Bauhaus calendar 2024

Bauhaus Collection Calendar 2024
Bauhaus calendar 2024

Looking forward to birthdays, holidays and other dates can also be done in style: The Bauhaus calendar for 2024 celebrates the revolutionary design concept of the Bauhaus. For all people who would like to keep track of things in 2024. With minimalist aesthetics and clean lines, this calendar is not only a visual highlight, but also a statement of timeless design.

Your impact when purchasing the Bauhaus calendar:

Photocircle and its artists have always used sales to support humanitarian development projects in the regions where the images were taken.

Photocircle also uses the proceeds to plant trees. At the end of 2019, Photocircle started a reforestation project in Ethiopia and from March 2024 they will support another tree planting project in Nepal.

Good Travel voucher

Experience instead of consume - give your loved ones a break that will bring lasting joy: With a Good Travel voucher you support sustainable tourism and enable unique experiences in carefully selected, environmentally friendly accommodation. The voucher can be redeemed in all Good Travel accommodations.

Your impact when purchasing a Good Travel voucher:

At Good Travel we offer hand-picked places for conscious travel. We attach great importance to strong regional integration and present each accommodation using various sustainability criteria such as natural construction, regional organic cuisine, resource-saving use and more. A great gift that brings freedom to help shape things.




9. MAtabooks annual planner

matabooks annual planner

For people who want to combine organization with ecology: Matabooks' annual planners are made from environmentally friendly grass paper in Germany and offer a sustainable alternative to conventional office supplies. A practical gift that protects the environment and structures everyday life.

Your impact when purchasing a matabooks annual planner:

Matabooks produces sustainable products such as annual planners, notebooks, office supplies and much more in Germany and from environmentally friendly grass paper or sweet grass paper. This saves resources and reduces CO2 emissions. In addition, no materials containing animal components are used. In addition, matabooks is researching processes in the field of materials technology that will lead book production in an environmentally friendly direction in the future.



10. Good Impact Print Subscription

Good Imapact subscription

Journalistic work reads better in print, has a more tactile feel, also at regular intervals, about topics with a positive impact, and is definitely produced in a way that conserves resources.

Good Impact is an independent and non-profit editorial team that deals with topics of social and ecological relevance. The annual subscription starts at just €49, even for just €30 in the community package. So you can give your loved ones something that will last all year long, and you can also read along.

Your impact when purchasing the Good Impact subscription:

A subscription to Good Impact is more than just a gift. It is an investment in independent journalism that constructively deals with sustainable future issues and encourages change.

Good Impact is financed by its own subscribers. There are also free subscriptions for everyone who cannot otherwise afford a subscription. The print magazine is printed ecologically in Germany.

These gift ideas are more than just material items; they are an expression of a lifestyle that emphasizes responsibility, care and sustainability. With each of these gifts, you contribute to a better world and enable your loved ones to do the same. Happy gift giving!

Photos: Opener: Unsplash / superkitina, LifeStraw, GoodBuy, Good Travel, metabooks, Photocircle, 4 people who care


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