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INA WO(A)NDERS: About travel arrangements

In her column, our author Ina captures her thoughts on travel. This time to the question of when a journey begins - and how best to prepare for it.

When does a journey actually begin? When we get on the train or the plane? When we cross a national border? When we arrive at our destination, unpack our bags, bury our feet in the sand or squeeze into our hiking boots?

For me, a journey begins much earlier - sometimes with a small symbol. In 2017, when I thought about quitting my job and what was left of me on the St. James one day I bought a pocket knife to go looking. I still remember standing impatiently at the cash register to pay. My fingers gripped the knife where the cool stainless steel blade met a comfortably warm wooden handle. When it was my turn, I held out the knife to the cashier as if it were a travel ticket. I would have loved to have asked her if she could stamp it for me. Something happened eight euros and 20 cents later: the beginning of my journey. That would change everything.

pocket knife

Aside from such small icon purchases, I'm not a meticulous travel planner. My fear of planning too much and then being disappointed when a plan doesn't work out is far greater than my fear of missing or forgetting something. Of course, depending on the destination, there are a few must-dos: do I need a passport, and if so, is it still valid? Do I have the necessary vaccinations? What kind of weather do I have to be prepared for in terms of clothing? This is where my meticulousness usually ends.

me for hours Photos, view videos and maps of my destination? Planning trips and tours in advance? not my thing I don't want to arrive anywhere and think: hm, somehow it looked better in the photos. Instead of leafing through travel guides for hours, I prefer to draw my own pictures in my head. And preferably while lying in my hammock and reading travel stories or travel podcasts hear The images that form in my head sometimes come very close to reality, but most of the time they are quite different. And that's good. Because then it's almost like I've traveled twice. Once in my head, from my hammock, together with the person who shares their travel experiences with me. And once in real life, with a lot of thirst for adventure, little plan - and a small symbol in my hand that marks the beginning of my journey.



By the way, I recently acquired another such travel symbol. It's only a few centimeters tall, not quite as pretty as my travel pocket knife, but still very practical: a USB charging plug for a cigarette lighter. Five euros and 50 cents later I was almost on my way. Through Europe, in my own little mobile home.

When does a journey start for you - and how do you prepare for it? I am always happy to receive feedback, suggestions or questions – either as a comment or directly by e-mail [email protected].

Photos: Ina Hiester, unsplash / pScott Warman, KLara Kulikova

Ina is a digital nomad and travels through Europe by land and sea. The journalist is always on the lookout for special places for Good Travel, philosophizes about travel in her column, takes photographs, makes music and writes articles on all kinds of environmental and sustainability topics.


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