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Satisfy wanderlust from home: 6 ideas for those hungry for travel

We all like to travel and preferably often. Unless you belong to the group of digital nomads, traveling is not necessarily part of everyday life. Because with a full-time job, family obligations or high fixed costs at home, the next trip to the mountains or to the beach can sometimes be a long time coming. And waiting can be nerve-wracking. Because when the daily grind is big, so is the wanderlust. Good thing there are some things you can do about that Fernweh until the next trip (at least a little). And: Maybe this will even increase the anticipation. We have already thought of 6 ideas on how you can satisfy your wanderlust from home.

1. Make mini-trips in the surrounding area

At least since the corona pandemic, discovering the immediate surroundings has become normal for many. What was a makeshift alternative back then has even got its own (and admittedly pretty cool) name: micro-adventures. Because it doesn't always have to be far away, there is also so much to discover around the corner. So if you can't go far at the moment and still suffer from acute wanderlust, it's best to go to the neighboring federal state, to the nearest town or to the wooded area on the outskirts of the village and explore things there that may have been "not exciting were enough". Because you are quite sure.

Picnic at the lake

2. Cook dishes from your favorite holiday destination

For many, the most important part of traveling is the food. And we know it: If we happen to find the fine aromas of our favorite holiday dishes somewhere, we are transported back there in a matter of seconds. But why leave everything to chance when you can consciously bring the great smells, exotic spices and flavors into your own kitchen? So how about a home-baked pizza based on the original recipe, one cheese dumpling soup with Tyrolean mountain cheese (which is also available outside Tyrol to buy) or an Austrian vegan Kaiserschmarrn? It is best to put on the right music while cooking, close your eyes and teleport yourself mentally and tastefully to your favorite country.


3. Attend a concert reminiscent of a past vacation

Speaking of music: It is not uncommon for people to associate their favorite destination with a certain type of music. For the ultimate nostalgic moment, the motto is: buy concert tickets for the artist(s) of your choice, pack your best friend, brother or better half and reminisce for an evening or get excited. Apart from satisfying wanderlust, a concert is always an experience for the jam jar, whether traveling or at home.

4. Make travel memories physical

We all take pictures on our travels, after all - apart from the memories in our heads and hearts - we want to have something to look back on. And even if that Photography and filming while traveling should be viewed critically, so it's still a nice way to hang your favorite vacations on the walls at home. So if you're longing again, pull out your hard drive, find your favorite motifs from the last few years, print them out and design a Travel Gallery Wall for the living room, kitchen or hallway.

wanderlust mountains
Mountain hiking in Tyrol

5. Get inspiration from a documentary and increase the anticipation

Clearly: we all like to watch travel documentaries. Because where else can you get such great shots, exciting insights and lots of background information so beautifully prepared? To quench acute wanderlust, you can either watch a documentary about your next travel destination and get lots of inspiration and tips, or just randomly select a documentary about a destination that you might not have had on your radar at the beginning. We have already been won over by many a country or city as a result.

6. Bring the activities of the trips home

When we think back to a trip, we sometimes think back to the things we did – mountaineering in the Dolomites, cycling in Croatia or surfing in Portugal. But who says you can't do it at home? Anyone who likes to cycle along Croatian gravel roads can do so in the forest around the corner. Those who ride wave after wave in the Atlantic, grab a surf skate and get some surf feeling in the backyard or down the street, and those who like to roam the South Tyrolean mountains simply head to the nearest hiking trail (there's guaranteed to be one!) in the neighborhood. Or just try something new and old again, like roller skating. And of course, it's not the same, but sometimes such "alternatives" create wonderful new memories that can definitely compete with those from far-off countries.

roller skating

Photos: Nadine Pinezits, Judith Hehl, Pexels / Mariam Antadze, Unsplash / Caleb Russell

Nadine is a freelance editor and copywriter. She lives in Austria and commutes between Salzburg, Styria and Vienna. She is therefore either in the mountains or in the urban jungle, but at the same time tries to spend as much time as possible in her heart country Portugal.


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