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The enormous magazine is now called Good Impact

Maybe you already know that it's next to GoodBuy there are also other projects in our Good Family: So far there have been GoodJobs, Good travel, Good News and enormous magazine.

Now our family is finally getting round, because our sustainability magazine "enorm" and Good News are building a new platform for constructive journalism with the name:

Good impact

Good Impact is constructive journalism without daily negative headlines and click-bait. Instead with good news, future ideas and research on the topic Sustainability.

You will find all this in our future Good news app or by printed magazine, from the next edition under the name Good Impact instead of enormous. A new online magazine is already in the works and will be available shortly. The Good News and Enormous teams have been working together for a long time. Both projects are now uniting to create a common platform for constructive journalism. Enorm has been reporting on people and stories with an impact for over 10 years. Good news above all about "good" news. With the new name, both formats can be combined under Good Impact.


What's behind it?

Quite simply, we want it to be clear what's inside: good ideas, feasible solutions and utopias that have a real chance of becoming reality. Our view is not neutral. We present what we as the editorial team find good and useful after thorough research. Part of this process is always that we regularly review and critically question our selection and ourselves. Our focus is global because our overarching issue, the climatecrisis and social inequality are global realities. Our protagonists often come from Germany, but also from all over the world. We think that's well reflected in the new title Good Impact.


Good Impact relies on constructive, solution-oriented Journalism. All Good Impact and Good channels We see news as a platform for this.


We work completely independently as an editor and in the choice of our content. In the long term, we want to put Good Impact on a non-profit basis. Journalism should be free of profit thinking.


Sustainability - ecological, social and economic - is our core issue. We not only report about it, we also live it internally. Almost everyone works a four-day week and from wherever they want. We work as resource-efficiently as possible. And offer solo subscriptions.

A small highlight at the end: Good Impact will be free of profit! All profits are reinvested.



We were already able to add new subscribers to our circle of magazine readers this year. 5.413 readers have remained loyal to us and continue to support us as subscribers.

That makes a total of 6.654 subscribers who will help us bring constructive journalism into the world in 2022. 

We want to become even more! That's why we have a very special offer for you - a double dose of the future for you and a person of your choice:

If you take out a subscription by December 24.12.2022th, XNUMX, we will give you an extra subscription as a gift - and you can make a person of your choice very happy with it 🎁

Good Impact subscription

With this you not only put a great gift, but also a huge portion of optimism under the Christmas tree. Starting the new year with constructive news - we can all use that all too well in these times!

By the way, you actively support us in pursuing our mission and to break our target of 7.500 subscribers by the end of the year!
At around 10.000 we have reached our big goal: complete financing from our readers and the financial opportunity to invest in our editorial work.

We would be delighted to be able to send you our new Good Impact Print Magazine soon. Until then, we just want to say thank you ❤️


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