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10 good gift ideas for Christmas

We know it's hard to believe, but Christmas is just around the corner. And like every year, there are some who have already bought all the presents for their loved ones in October, but also some who are only now slowly dealing with the topic. No matter which category you belong to, we present 10 gift ideas for an impactful Christmas. Because if we want to make our loved ones happy, then it is essential that we use products that are good for the environment.

Can you have a positive impact on the environment with your own consumer behavior?

yes says GoodBuy and shows that with consumption you can give more back to the world than you take from it. The whole thing works with products that have a positive impact and, for example, protect the environment, promote a fair world or help people.


Global climate towel
How about a statement beach towel for planned trips in 2023? With this unique towel made of 100% certified organic cotton, you can once again show that climate protection is important - it appeals, reminds and warns at the same time. The climate towel shows the annual average temperatures from 1850 to today. The illustration comes from the climate researcher Ed Hawkin.

Your impact when buying the beach towel:

At LANGBRETT, products are made in small workshops in Germany, Portugal and Spain. The label pays attention to every detail of the supply chain and knows every single (intermediate) step. From certified organic cotton to the recycling of existing materials, the focus is on the efficient use of raw materials. With the proceeds from the sale of the climate towel, the non-profit organization STOP! Microwaste supported.



2. cook, eat, sleep - sustainable cookbook

Cookbook – cook, eat, sleep
Of course we like to give away cookbooks, especially when we know how great the content is. Yes, we can recommend this gift with a clear conscience! Our Good Travel hosts have told us their favorite recipes, which are presented on 120 pages. Also presented are four food concepts that deal with the responsible handling of food, such as the nose-to-tail principle, in which all parts of an animal are used, or the farm-to-table concept, in which the Fresh ingredients from your own garden, i.e. usually less than a kilometer, from cultivation to plate.

Your impact when buying the cookbook:

Good Travel donates 1 euro per copy sold to the Kinderglück Foundation and would like to specifically support the holiday sponsorships. Because Good Travel also believes that travel should not be a luxury! The Kinderglück Foundation, founded by Susanne and Bernd Krispin, supports children and young people in a wide variety of ways. They can enable around 500 day trips and vacation stays per year: to lakes, in the mountains or even to a finca on Mallorca. The stays bring an adventurous change to the everyday life of the children and young people - they get to know others, but above all nature and new cultures.

You can find the cookbook here


3. Hammock


With this hammock you make others happy, because they can relax in the park, in the garden, when traveling or at home. With this product you give away an extraordinary product and show that you care about social and sustainable production. The Ticket to the Moon Original hammock is made of nylon (OEKO-TEX® Standard 100) and can be set up quickly and intuitively. When packed, it is no larger than a neck roll and can therefore be taken with you on any trip. The hammocks are durable, elastic, breathable, mildew resistant and skin-friendly, come with a 10-year guarantee and every single product is tested under extreme conditions.

Charly is the founder of Ticket to the Moon. During a trip in 1996 in Bali he discovered parachute nylon for the first time. As a hammock lover, it was immediately clear that this material would be perfect - the birth of the Ticket to the Moon parachute hammock. Initially, Charly sold his hammocks at festivals and markets. Just two years later, in 1998, the first store opened in Bali. The hammocks are still produced in our own factory in Bali. As part of the fair trade framework, all employees receive appropriate working conditions. In addition to a salary that is well above the usual in Bali, the working week is limited to a maximum of 40 hours.

Your impact when buying the hammock:

The Sumbanese Kodi tribe in eastern Indonesia have long had no access to clean drinking water, electricity and Indonesian education. The Ticket to the Moon Foundation was founded in 2009 to specifically help these people. Numerous programs have been developed in cooperation with the Kodi tribe in order to preserve their culture. In addition to building a school and water well, regular tests and mosquito nets have been used to contain malaria.



4. A good book on mindfulness

A good book

A good book on mindfulness will help break down the glorification of stress and bring some self-love into life. With this gift you allow others to test 25 techniques for more satisfaction and less stress. The Mindfulness and Self-Love Fill-In includes all of the self-reflection and techniques from A Good Plan, plus 12 Monthly Reflections with Habit Tracker and six Highlights Lists.


Your impact when buying the book:

Milena and Jan are both founders and know from their own experience what it means to have stress to the point of burnout. They decided to take care of each other and learned various mindfulness techniques, which they combined in their first A Good Plan in 2015. With great success, because they sold twice as many books as planned through crowdfunding. Those who are mindful know who they are and what they really want. Instead of getting lost in stress, consumption, and addictions seeking fulfillment, these people can focus their time and energy on their dreams and making a difference in our world.



5. Organic Aloe Vera Gel "Cool Head"


Aloe Vera gives your skin an absolute boost of freshness! The aloe vera gel, which you can apply after sunbathing or during the day, will make your skin feel noticeably softer. The liquid gel absorbs very quickly. It comes from direct trade in Spain and is bottled without perfumes or thickeners.


Your impact when buying dit aloe vera gel:

Conventional cosmetics usually contain questionable ingredients that harm either us humans or nature. We often don't know where and how something was made. And to make matters worse, there is often far too much plastic involved in the packaging. “4 people who care” plants one square meter of flowering meadow for each product sold.

YOU GET the gel HERE


6. Shakti acupressure pad

Shakti acupressure pad
Shakti acupressure cushion black
With the Shakti acupressure cushion you give away new energy in a 20-minute application, it helps with neck and shoulder pain and relieves it noticeably.

Due to our modern way of life and work, the number of neck and shoulder pains in Germany is constantly increasing. The Shakti acupressure pillow is made to literally take this load off your shoulders and give your neck a break.
Just put the pillow under your neck and enjoy - either while watching TV on the couch or at night before falling asleep in bed.

Your impact when buying the pillow:

Only women are employed in the production facility – the “Gratitude Factory” – in Varanassi, India. Many of the more than 80 employees are only allowed to work there by their families because of this fact. Every Shakti cushion is made by the women in elaborate manual work and under fair conditions. ShaktiMat employees benefit not only from twice the usual wages in India, but also from their own health care, unlimited vacation and a scholarship program that enables their daughters to attend an English private school. This not only enables the women themselves to lead a more self-determined life, but also their daughters in the long term.

You can find the pillow here


7. Daypack

GOT daypack
Made from 60% recycled Ocean Impact Plastic, the daypack is a gift that will last! The plastic comes from the sea or the immediate vicinity of the sea, for example mangroves or rivers. 2,5 kg of plastic is recovered from the sea per backpack. The backpack is 100% waterproof and is available in three colors.

Your impact when buying the backpack:

During his studies abroad in Indonesia, Max from GOT BAG recognizes the potential of two coastal areas that suffer extremely from plastic waste. The idea: Use the plastic waste as a raw material for backpacks and bags to finance the further recovery of plastic from the sea. Now they are benefiting from the clean-up work that has started and the further development of the existing waste recycling system. Both the ecological and social benefits are enormous.

After talks at eye level with the Indonesian fishing communities and training courses on waste separation with locals and schools, Max from GOT BAG began to set up the first logistical structures. A network of hundreds of fishermen takes the plastic as by-catch and brings it to a central collection point. It is then cleaned and processed in such a way that the high-quality yarn for the production of the GOT BAGs can be produced.

YOU CAN FIND the backpack here


8. Travel Yoga Mat

Travel yoga mat
The travel yoga mat is a gift that produces zero waste. The yoga mat is extra light and therefore perfect for on the go. The FSC-certified natural rubber guarantees maximum slip resistance thanks to its open structure. And best of all: natural rubber is not only a renewable resource, but also a naturally degradable one. Due to the sophisticated manufacturing process of the Ocean Mat, it does not contain any toxic ingredients.

Your impact when buying the yoga mat:

Only natural rubber from ecologically responsible plantations is used for the Ocean Mat. To ensure this, Southern Shores has partnered with the Forest Stewardship Council®. In addition, the company is committed to the 1% For The Planet promise. The donations go to the world's leading non-profit organization Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) for the protection of whales and dolphins.

You can find the yoga mat here


9. Faire tea towels

Fair tea towels
The two tea towels are made of 100% cotton, were 100% handcrafted and also produced under 100% fair working conditions. These tea towels are handwoven by MESH in India, certified according to the Fair Trade criteria of the WFTO. The tea towels are manufactured in the Indian weaving mill Najibabad of the MESH cooperative, which is currently being converted to organic production. Thanks to the Fair Trade cooperative WeltPartner eG, the products are accessible for the German market.
Your impact when buying tea towels:

MESH works with 36 producer groups, e.g. B. in rehabilitation centers or their own leprosy communities in 11 Indian states. The producers are trained in manual skills and fairly remunerated for the manufacture of the modern products.

Around 50.000 smallholder families and producers benefit from WeltPartner's reliable partnerships at eye level, fair prices, pre-financing and additional payments for social projects. In addition to fair trade, WeltPartner is committed to human rights, education and equality.



You can find the tea towels here


10. Cloth gift wrap

Gift wrapping made of fabric
Away from the one-off product and towards a double gift! Goodgive's gift packaging is always passed on and gains in value precisely because of its longevity. How does it work? The packaging is made of fabric and is therefore reusable. Each pack has its own name so you can track its journey, its impact on the environment and the social project it supports. By the way: when closing, the innovative loop stands up, making packing child's play.
Your impact when buying the gift packaging:

Goodgive's gift packaging is made from organic cotton in a fair and social manner in Germany. Every gift wrap sold saves avoidable waste. Goodgive is currently working with four social workshops and is establishing partnerships with 15 others. 

The gift packaging is here


Photos: Opener: Pexels / Anastasia Shuraeva and GoodBuy


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