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Since 2016, people have been paying extra when shopping for plastic bags in many places. The result: consumption drops. The consumption of plastic bags has fallen by a third since the introduction of the fees. That is good news. But plastic bags are still offered in supermarkets, and there are such nice alternatives. One of them is LOQI, which with its colorful and robust shopping bags is a great alternative to the plastic bags of large chains. The LOQI shopping bags can be wonderfully folded up and taken with you wherever you go.

Or you can carry the bags straight out as a stylish shopper. The best designers around the world are tracked down for the collections and give the bags a cheerful and unique look. Each LOQI design tells its own story. In addition to bags, LOQI also produces rucksacks, zip cases and suitcase covers. All products are Oekotex-certified, so they are characterized by a high level of product safety. And they are more durable than plastic bags anyway.

We met Vanessa Bujak, Marketing Manager at LOQI, for an interview and asked her our three questions.

The founder of LOQI: Belinda

1. What was or is your motivation behind LOQI?

We love smart products and good design. Our colorful bags, rucksacks, zip pockets and case covers should not only look extremely good, but also be practical and functional. We want to make people around the world happy with our products, from the avant-garde grandma to the average shipster.

2. What do you advise our readers: What can we do specifically for a better future?

"Achieve a lot with little" is one of our key brand messages. Quality is the top priority for our products. Cut out countless plastic bags with super strong bags that can be used again and again. Start with yourself and ask yourself every day where I can avoid garbage, electricity etc. so as not to further damage our wonderful little planet.

3. How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

Perfect. For many of us, traveling means "grounding" ourselves, finding our way back to nature. This then automatically raises awareness of the many treasures on earth that need to be preserved. On the other hand, I think you always notice when traveling how little you need. You can get by with one suitcase for weeks...less consumption is also a step towards sustainability.

The LOQI bags are a real eye-catcher
The bags are the perfect travel companion

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