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Holidays in tiny houses

Out of Berlin, into nature: time out in the cabins of the Raus Lodge Landsitz 

I long for nature, a quiet and spacious landscape - a quiet place, away from the big city of Berlin, which takes me out of my everyday life for a moment and recharges my batteries. I visit Out Lodge country estate, near Königslutter am Elm in Lower Saxony and am looking forward to a few days of relaxation and recreation, away from the city. I reach the cabins in just under 2,5 hours.
I hear the car tires squeaking on the dirt road and am curious to see if I can already make out a glimpse of the cabins through the surrounding trees.

Cabins in the middle of nature

Arrived in extensive nature

I arrive, open the car door, get out and take a deep breath. My gaze wanders into the extensive landscape, full of forests, meadows and fields and a relaxing feeling spreads through me.

At the parking lot I grab one of the handcarts, load my travel bag and groceries and push them all to my cabin. The path leads me past the small sauna house, a large natural pond and a funny goose, which will also accompany me for the next few days. In addition to my cabin, there are three more at this location, which can also be booked as an ensemble. Each of them is stylish and minimalistic in sustainable wood construction, equipped with a dry toilet and self-sufficient thanks to the intelligent water and energy system.


Cabin vacation in Germany
Cabin on the meadow
German goose
Rent cabins with friends
cozy tiny house

time outdoors 

I stow the groceries and clothes, prepare my dinner and sit out on the cabin deck to eat. The evening sun shines softly in my face for a while before it disappears behind the trees. I look at the natural pond and at three adorable cattle whose pasture borders directly on my cabin. I end my first evening with a good book, wine and the sounds of nature.

Dairy & Beef
Dinner in the cabin
Enjoy dinner in the Tiny House
Rent a cabin

Calm start to the day

I wake up to the sound of the tractor in the distance. Feelings and memories of home slowly come up and the place reminds me of my youth. I pull up the curtains on my large windows and look at the goose standing outside my window: what a funny sight. I start the day calmly, make coffee and look forward to my pre-ordered breakfast box consisting of delicious granola and juice and set my breakfast table.


Gorgeous view in the morning
View from the cabin
Breakfast in the countryside

After that, I sit down at my laptop for a few hours, do some tasks, write e-mails and enjoy my beautiful meeting background.

Walking through forests

I spend my lunch break with a walk through the surrounding nature. My walks haven't been this quiet and relaxing for a long time. Incidentally, many other activities are possible on site, such as a hike with alpacas "Meet & Feed" and bicycles can also be provided with which the charming surroundings can be explored.

Back at the cabin, I make myself some tea and sit down on the cabin's terrace. Luckily the morning rain has passed and the sun is slowly coming out. Later I prepare the sauna and use the afternoon to myself.

Relaxation in front of the tiny house
sauna in a cabin
View from the sauna
To eat healthy food

Vegan BBQ

In the evening I organize a small BBQ, prepare salads and dips, bread and other delicacies for the vegan barbecue evening. Each cabin has its own little gas grill, which I'm really happy about. All sorts of vegetables are grilled and I also try vegan meat alternatives.

I enjoy dinner, then lie down on the bed and enjoy the successful day with quiet music.

Evening mood in the cabin

Filled up with new energy

My stay in the Cabin of Rau's Lodge Manor was an absolutely successful break. I was able to relax far away from everyday stress, made new acquaintances, enjoyed the beautiful nature of Lower Saxony and had time for myself. Whether for a short trip or a longer stay - the Raus Lodge Landsitz is the ideal place to clear your head and let your soul dangle. I'm already looking forward to my next visit!

© Photos: Jule Weidner, Katharina Elster

As a freelancer, Jule selects the wonderful accommodations for us and reports on her Good Travel stays. As a conscious traveler and graduate in sustainable tourism, the impact of tourism, especially from an ecological and social point of view, is very important to her.


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