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5 places for groups

Sometimes you travel alone, often in pairs and every now and then a larger group gets together and goes on a tour. This can be a family trip, a long weekend with a group of girls or boys, or a work trip with your favorite colleagues. Whatever group forms for a trip, a suitable place to stay for a larger number of people must be looked for at an early stage. That's why we've selected five of our favorite group accommodations for you, which are perfect for your next holiday.

Eumelia Organic Farm

1. Baltic Sea - Experience rural idyll and absolute quiet location near the sea

The Ostseehof Langfeld, located in the picturesque Geltinger Bay, is exactly the right place for family or company outings. The cottages on the farm offer enough space and a cozy atmosphere - both for game nights and for brainstorming sessions.

The cozy main house with cottage character, the large, bright western barn with high ceilings and the small, light-flooded bakehouse with its modern, rural furnishings serve as the perfect environment to unwind or to get really creative. In the former cowshed, the fourth building on the farm, there is also a spacious sauna with a relaxation room and a view of the red and white Falshöft lighthouse - perfect for relaxing after an eventful day. Another highlight: the large event room, which is ideal for family or company celebrations.

But not only the accommodation itself convinces. The impressive nature around the farm with its quiet hiking and cycling trails is also impressive. The sea with its fine natural beaches is also very close and leisure activities are therefore complete.

Ostseehof Langfeld Holidays with friends
Summer vacation with friends
Special place for large groups

2. Brandenburg – unwind in the blooming garden

It's in Gramzow, Brandenburg House Polssen, which with its 5000 square meter garden was originally built in the young GDR as a municipal building in the Uckermark. The hosts Iris and Wolfgang are an artist couple from Berlin who bought the house six years ago and renovated it with a lot of their own work.

The 280 square meter house with its six bedrooms can accommodate up to eleven people. The spacious and well-equipped kitchen, the bright living room with fireplace, the large terrace and the beautiful garden with its countless trees and plants are the perfect place for groups.

The recreational opportunities near the house are also impressive. Anyone who has relaxed enough under the blooming oleanders or in the converted attic with yoga is best off to the small, clean lake with a bathing area or the many hiking and biking trails.

House Polssen for groups
Holiday with a group
With friends to Haus Polßen

3. Apulia - enjoy the "Dolce Far Niente" in the shade of the olive trees

Take a 600 square meter villa with a total of six bedrooms and five bathrooms, add some Italian sunshine and you have the perfect group accommodation. In the heart of Puglia with a spectacular view of the coast is the Villa Borgo Fianco a Fianco. The magnificent property in lime white, which is typical for the area, has various separate units with many terraces and retreats both indoors and outdoors - perfect for families, colleagues or groups of friends.

The two hosts, Ilona and Jürgen, carefully renovated the villa in 2015, deliberately preserving the special features of the 300-year-old walls. The motto here is: "The luxury of simplicity".

This simplicity includes indoor and outdoor kitchens with grills, a heated and chilled pool, on-site massages and a covered yoga space. There is no lack of relaxation and the well-known "Dolce far Niente" here. By the way: Catering for parties or events is possible on request.

Villa Borgo Fianco a Fianco
group vacation
Suitable for group vacations

4. Finland - go into explorer mode on your own private island

Majorsgrund is something for explorers. on one of the most beautiful private islands in Finland Beautiful nature, breathtaking sunsets, northern lights and unique tranquility await you as a group. major reason is located off the coast of western Finland, approximately 600 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. With a length of around 250 meters and a width of around 120 meters, the island is perfect for exploring on foot.

The hosts Timo and Jannis Pohl rent two recently renovated houses on Majorsgrund - but always exclusively. Up to 16 guests (ten in house "Aurinko", six in house "Meri") can experience an unforgettable adventure in the happiest country in the world. The furnishings in the houses are typically Scandinavian. A fireplace and lots of light that streams into the rooms make the accommodation a cozy hideaway. The island also has its own sauna house with sauna and relaxation room and a designated yoga space.

But not only that: On Majorsgrund you can also swim, fish, stand-up paddle, forest bathe or hike. North of the island is also the UNESCO World Heritage Kvarken Archipelago and the provincial capital Vaasa is only about 20 kilometers away.

vacation on the island
Holiday on Finnish island with friends

5. Mallorca – really get to know the island in seclusion

The property consisting of three houses Finca Colmina Majorca is completely isolated from the tourist attractions and shows the actual character of the island particularly well: the hilly landscape with olive and almond trees, the starry sky and the rural atmosphere with its unique charm.

The 33.000 square meter finca, the 200 square meter Casa and the 70 square meter Casita are located on the approximately 25 square meter site with orange and lemon groves - two to twelve people (+ four small children) can be accommodated here. The interior of the property is modern and rather puristic. The combination of old and new shows a clear line, even if the rooms are designed differently. The kitchens are completely white and an outdoor kitchen invites you to spend cozy evenings outside. The large pool is ideal for swimming, relaxing and soaking up the sun as well as for splashing about.

Anyone who has ever been to Mallorca should also explore this beautiful island. The area around Finca Colmina is ideal for cycling, for which three mountain bikes are available free of charge in the accommodation. Those who would rather lace up their hiking boots than pedal will also get their money's worth: a beautiful hiking trail runs right past the finca.

Finca Colmina Majorca
Finca Colmina Mallorca for groups
For groups with outdoor kitchen

© Photos: Eumelia Organic Farm, Ostseehof Langfeld, Haus Polßen, Villa Borgo Fianco a Fianco, Majorsgrund, Finca-Colmina Mallorca

Nadine is a freelance editor and copywriter. She lives in Austria and commutes between Salzburg, Styria and Vienna. She is therefore either in the mountains or in the urban jungle, but at the same time tries to spend as much time as possible in her heart country Portugal.


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